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re: A Guide to Troubadours - Part 2 (Spells, Abilities and Gear)


Troubadour Guide (or Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About a Troubadour but Were Afraid to Ask)


Part 2 - Spells, Abilities and Gear

Spells/combat arts discussion, basics on your stuff.

Single Target combat arts / spells

Ceremonial Blade – Damage

Cheap Shot – Stun – Doesn't work on Epic mobs

Dancing Blade – Damage plus resist debuff. Requires Trouby to be behind or flanking mob.

Evade – Deaggro + damage (with AA’s)

 Evasive Maneuvers (AA Ability) – Damage plus threat position drop

Messenger’s Letter – (Ranged Only AA Ability) – Damage plus Threat Increase

Night Strike – Damage plus INT reduction – Must be stealthed to use.

Dragonwrath (AA Ability) – Damage plus stun (not on epic) and will teleport the Trouby to the mob if more than 10 meters away

Sandra’s Deafening Strike – Damage plus power drain power from enemy and add to caster.

Singing Shot – (Ranged Only) – Damage plus stifles enemy (if not epic)

Sinister Strike – L&L ability – Damage plus increases, physical mit debuff on enemy and potency and crit bonus buff on caster (with AA)

Turnstrike (AA Ability) – Damage plus self-only AoE blocker

 Perfect Shrill – Single target damage. Clears reuse of Painful Lamentations (with AA)


AoE combat arts / spells 

 Dagger Storm (Prestige Ability) – Blue AoE that directs 12 daggers to hit enemies you are engaged in combat with. If it is only one mob, all 12 hit it, if more than 1, they are divided among the enemies. This is a very powerful damage ability.

Breathtaking Bellow – Green AoE that interrupts, blurs vision and has a chance to knockdown target. Does no damage. Knockdown does not affect epic mobs

Chaos Anthem – Green AoE DoT – does damage, decreases target WIS and INT (with AA). Also with Prestige ability increases WIS of group and does a small HoT for group.

Painful Lamentations – Green AoE – does decent damage and interrupts target but has a lengthy cast time

Reverberation – Blue AoE – Damage + Damage proc for group plus incrementing potency buff for group, based on how many targets the AoE hits

Tap Essence – Green AoE that does damage and provides a small power increase for the group


Hot bar setup screen shot

Cooriador's Hot Bars


Raid buffs, Group buffs, and individual buffs and why you use them where.


Raid Buffs

Arcane Symphony – Increases Arcane Resistance of raid by about 2300. More useful now with changes to resistances in latest XPac

Elemental Concerto – same as Arcane Symphony except for Elemental Resistance


Group Buffs

Alin’s Serene Serenade – Decreases Hate for all non-fighters in group

Allegretto – Increases Attack Speed of Group

 Allegro (AA Ability) – Increases Casting Speed and Recovery Speed (with AA) of group

 Aria of Magic – Damage proc on spell hit for group. Mythical Weapon ability (Ayonic Inspiration) adds +10% spell damage for group to Aria of Magic

Ayonic Inspiration – Mythical Weapon / Epic Repercussions Ability – Makes PoTM affect entire raid instead of group, adds 10% spell damage increase to Aria of Magic, and adds proc that does a small amount of damage and increases crit chance by 12%

Bria’s Inspiring Ballad – In combat power regen. Even mastered, the regen is small and the spell is almost useless in its current state.

Deadly Dance (AA Ability) – Increases potency of group by 0.5% of bards AGI (about 47% potency at the moment) and stay active as long as the Trouby is casting hostle spells. Duration is 30 seconds. Also allows group to move while casting and reduces slow effects.

Dexterous Sonata (AA Ability) – Increases Crit Bonus of Group

Graceful Avoidance – Increases defense of group. Also increases dodge chance and physical mitigation of group (with AA)

Harmonization (AA Ability) – Increases duration of all buffs and debuffs by 10%. Decreases duration of DoT’s and HoT’s by 10%

Historic Storytelling (AA Ability) – Reduces arcane and noxious damage to group by 3%, gives a chance to resist stifling.

Mamba of Blades (Prestige Ability) – Incrementing group buff that increases doublecast chance and attack speed.

Raxxyl’s Rousing Tune – Increases AGI, WIS, INT and resists of group

Rejuvenating Celebration – Increases STA, in-combat health regen and adds 5% max health (with prestige ability)

 Requiem of Reflection – Provided a chance to reflect a hostile spell. Also increases healing received by 5% (with prestige ability)

Resonance (AA ability) – Increases range of all spells by 5 meters

 Rhythmic Overture / Victorious Concerto – See the write up in the Bard AA Tree section.

Selo’s Accelerando – Increases speed (and in-combat speed with AA) of group

 Song of Magic – Increases casting skills and focus of group


Self Buffs

Daelis’ Dance of Blades – Increases Max Health (with AA), AGI, Avoidance, Arcane, Elemental and Noxious Resists, and provides a proc triggered off of damage to the Trouby.


Buffs I put on people

 Jester’s Cap – Increases Ability Reuse. Also increases Crit Bonus and adds a damage proc (with AA)

 Upbeat Tempo – Increases Reuse, Casting and Recovery. Also adds 2 ticks to all HoT’s and DoT’s.


Temp Buffs

 Cadence of Destruction (AA Ability) – Increases potency over time (33 seconds) and at the end, does additional damage to target

Rhythm Blade (AA Ability) – Small Damage, Increases Trouby’s Weapon and Casting skills, accuracy (with AA) and reduces resistability (with AA)

Dragon Claws (Prestige Ability) – Increases potency by 25% of base potency for 10 seconds – currently adds about 230% potency to Cooriador

Perfection of the Maestro – Group Buff (or Raid buff with Ayonic Inspiration) that increases INT and adds a damage proc to spells

Quick Tempo (Prestige Ability) – Increases in-combat run speed and allows group to cast while moving.

Requiem (Prestige Ability) – Increases base damage of all abilities by 15% and then increases weapon and spell weapon damage by 30. Additionally adds more weapon damage by 9% of trouby’s base weapon damage bonus.


MoB debuff

Countersong – Decreases the damage of the next spell cast by 100% at grandmaster. Also decreases AoE autoattack of target by 105% for 13 seconds

Demoralizing Processional – Decreases AGI, STR, WIS and INT, weapon skills and magic skills of target. Raises same skills for group (With Prestige ability)

Depressing Chant – Decreases Arcane resistance of target and snares the mob.

Disheartening Descant – Decreases STR and AGI of target and raises the same stats for group (With prestige ability)

 Vexing Verses – Does a small amount of damage, Decreases defense, casting speed and drains power from target

Zander’s Choral Rebuff – Decreases all resists and adds chance of damage proc to Trouby’s attacks.


Other Abilities:

 Escape – Evac for the group

Lucky Break – Heroic Opportunity Starter

Shroud – Stealth

Bump (AA Ability) – Small damage, steal a small amount of money from mob, then stealth

Bladedance (AA Ability) – AoE Blocker

 Bria’s Entrancing Sonnet – charms target for 20 seconds – not usable on epic mobs

 Lullaby – Single target mez. Does not work on epic targets


Casting order of combat arts/spells



 Fabled Venom’s Mutagenic Heart Buff

 Lucky Break




Pre-RO Buffs / De-buffs – You could argue that there is a more efficient way to organize buffs and de-buffs but my primary purpose in this order is to try to make sure that everything is up for as long as possible while charging up RO. Therefore, my casting order for these buffs / de-buffs is in order of duration, largest to smallest:

Choral Rebuff

Decrease enemy mit

Demoralizing Proc

Decrease enemy stats / increase friendly stats

Dishearting Descant

Decrease enemy stats / increase friendly stats

Bump / Night Strike

Decreases INT of target

Sinister Strike

Decreases mit / increases pot / CB

Vexing Verses

Decrease enemy casting speed, defense

Rhythm Blade

Increase Weapon skills

Depressing Chant

Decrease enemy mit

Deadly Dance

Increase Potency


Increase Weapon and Spell Damage

Cadence of Destruction

Increase Potency

Eye of Sontalak

Extra Damage Proc

Dragon Claws

Increase Potency

Dancing Blade

Decreases mit

Rhythmic Overture

Charge up VC


 RO Charge up – Once you start RO, you need to get through as many CA’s / Spells as possible. The order I use is based on the average damage of the ability / casting time. The following order is for a single target:

Dagger Storm


Evasive Maneuvers



Perfect Shrill

Chaos Anthem

Ceremonial Blade


Sandra's Deafening Strike

Painful Lamentations

Thunderous Overture

*** By the time you finish Thunderous Overture you should be able to recast Evade and possibly one other CA before RO ends. ***

Tap Essence (Only if Evade is not ready)


 If the target is 2 or more enemies, I will generally use the same order as above except I will move Reverberation to second after Dagger Storm and this will allow me to get 2 casts of it before the end of RO

Post RO / Pre-VC – At this point, I will go back through the buffs / debuffs and recast anything that is back up in order to refresh for the VC and to allow most of the CA’s and spells to come back. I end this phase by hitting VC

Victorious Concerto – Once I hit this, for a single target, I will use the same casting order as the above RO charge up. For multiple linked targets, I will hit all of the blue and green AoE’s first (in the above order) and only hit single target abilities if no blue or greens are ready. For multiple unlinked targets, I just make sure blue AoE’s are cast first before single target abilities.

 If the fight continues beyond VC, I just make sure that buffs / de-buffs stay on the mob and cast the above damage abilities in the order above. For very long fights, you may be able to do a second RO/VC cycle. If so, try to do the buff / debuff cycle again prior to the RO charge up.


Gear / adornment choices

Quickly a gear discussion becomes a discussion about hard and soft caps, stat conversion, reforging and adornment choices so let’s talk about it from that perspective. For details on stat caps and conversions, check out the Wikia page here . When gearing up my priorities are:


  • Get DPS to as close to 600 as possible. It is a hard cap so anything over 600 is wasted
  •  Get Ability Reuse as close to 100 as possible. It is a hard cap so anything over 100 is wasted
  • Get Casting Speed over 100. It is a soft cap so anything over 100 gets converted to Spell DoubleCast Get Haste/Attack Speed over 200. It is a soft cap and excess Haste over 200 gets converted to Flurry.
  • Get Multi Attack over 120. This will guarantee you strike twice 100% of the time. The returns diminish GREATLY past this point as a 1200 (10x increase) in MA will only allow you to strike a third time on 75% of your hits.
  • Get Recovery Speed as close to 100 as possible. It is a hard cap so anything over 100 is wasted

With raid gear, adornments and reforging, you should be able to get to this point and have a lot of places you can still improve. You will probably not be able to hit the cap (or there is no cap) on the rest of these stats, so I basically get them as high as I can in this order:

  • Potency
  • Crit Bonus
  • Spell DoubleCast
  • Flurry
  • AE AutoAttack
  • Crit Chance
  • Ability Mod

One note about resists. Currently resists are only available in 6 slots (the 2 rings, 2 earrings and 2 bracelets). Current recommendations for high end group zones is 120k+resists and can be as high as 150k+ for raids, so you should try to get as much resists as possible from those pieces of gear and adorns.


Other special pieces of gear I use:

Eye of Sontalak


Fabled Vyemm’s Mutegenic Heart

have abilities that I use while changing RO.


Other Items:

 Raid Food – Stewed Pepper & Brokenskull Private Reserve

 Gnostic’s Elixir of Deftness

 Mount – Indomitable Pteradon – AoM Signature Quest Line reward



Bristlebane – I chose Bristlebane a long time ago when you only got AGI and STA from the pet. Now that the pets give all stats, I might should rethink this, since most of the miracles are pretty useless in raids.


Macros you use

  •  I will macro instant cast abilities with other abilities to reduce the “click time” and make them truly instant-cast. For example, In my casting order, I have a macro that:
    • Uses Fabled Vyemm’s Mutegenic Heart (Instant)
    • Lucky Break – Heroic Opportunity starter (Instant)
    • Jester’s Cap
  •  I have a second macro that:
    • Uses Eye of Sontalak (Instant)
    • Dragon Claws
  • Perfection of the Maestro – When casting PoTM, my macro also uses “/potm Coor which triggers Raid Hub to know who is casting it and to help cooridinate when we have multiple Trouby’s in the raid.
  • I have a button on my hotbar that is /target (Ex. /target Liepha) that I can always use to retarget if I get taunted off for any reason.

(and a few others...)
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