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re: Guild Charter

Guild Charter

We are Grenrick’s Guidance. A guild started on Apr, 2nd 2005. We are one of the largest and oldest guilds on this server. We are what is known as a casual raiding guild. Meaning we do raid, but it is not our top priority. Our goal in this guild is to have fun and help. That one sentence sums up Grenricks. If you are looking for friendly people that can help you along the journey from start to Everquest, you have found the right guild for you.

Here are the basic rules of the guild

After you read them please go back to the main page and read the following links under Guild Information. This will answer 99% of your questions about the guild and what it does. If you still have questions, please contact any officer in the guild.

Guild Promotions<- How do I go up in ranks in the guild?

Guild Hall<- Where is it? Antonica Docks

Guild Bank<- How can I use it? See promotions on main page.

Buy City items? <- Go to Promotions, your rank has to be high enough.

Guild Library<- What is the guild library and how do I access it? See promotions on main page

RAID within Grenricks<- How do we do raids? How is loot handled? What do we raid? When do we raid?

--------------------Basic rules of Grenricks------------------------

1.) Show respect to other guild mates and other players in this game. Remember you are representing the guild.
2.) This is a family guild with all ages of players; keep this in mind in respect to language and content.
3.) Be as helpful as you can.
4.) No begging for items, or coins.
5.) If you are under the age of 12, your parents must also be in the guild also..

Here are some more details o­n Rules of the guild.

Language rating: PG-13. We ask that cursing and sexual comments and innuendo be kept to out of the guild chat/text. Keep in mind that some members have their children playing. You may be warned via tell if you are being too offensive. Absolutely NO disrespect of anyone in the game. Should a problem arise, you will need to contact an officer or above to mediate the dispute. The officer will then create a chat channel for all parties involved in an attempt to settle the dispute.

You are a reflection of the guild. We do not want our guild name to be tarnished in anyway. Because of the design of instancing in this game, camp stealing will not be tolerated. You are expected to always find an open camp. Never get into an argument in /OOC or /shout with anyone. There are better ways to handle problems with guildies and non-guildies. You will be expected to use good judgment and take these complaints to an officer or above

Two Senior officers agreeing can get you kicked from the guild.

Doing o­ne of the following will get you kicked immediately.

1. Profanity in guild chat, guild voice chat or OOC
2. Stealing from the guild bank
3. Being a “bot” or using a bot/macro program.

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