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re: ToV Inquisitor Class Guide / Soteria's Autobiography



  1. General information on class

The Inquisitor is an incredibly versatile priest that can excel in almost any circumstance. Being clerics, reactive heals (spells that trigger a heal each time the spell target receives damage) are the Inquisitor's bread and butter. We provide a well rounded buff package, offering plenty of goodies for tanks as well as both melee damage and spellcasters. If healing isn't a full time job, an Inquisitor can bring formidable melee based offensive power to the group as well. 

  1. Why pick your class over another

A good Inquisitor is a one (wo)man army. In plate armor, we can take a hit better than most. Being priests, healing is never a problem, and we have no trouble inflicting plenty of damage. I spend a lot of time playing solo, and I like being able to easily fly through solo content, and tackle easy heroic stuff by myself for a challenge. Aside from soloability though, Inquisitors are very adaptable. I use 3 different specs: Defensive, where I have points in every healing ability, debuffs, and tank survival buffs. Offensive, where I have points in everything that inflicts damage. And then a middle of the road spec, where I try to take the best of each. Because of that versatility, an Inquisitor can excel in any raid group. Specced defensively, they can serve well in a tank group, especially paired with one of the "offensive" tank classes who enjoy the Inquisitor's dps buffs. On the other hand, those dps buffs and 2 group cures make us a viable choice for solo healing a mage or scout group too. There are plenty of reasons to love your Inquisitor, but the best one of all might be Verdict. You can't not love shaving 3% off of every raid encounter, and 12% off of heroic ones.

  1. AA choice and why - with screen shots 
      Here are my 3 AA specs which are probably different by the time you read this, because I nitpick them all the time.

*****EDIT: I have become less stupid since the original post. See the reply below for new and improved AA info *****

Cleric Tree


Left to right:

(Str) Skull Crack - Just spending 2 points to get 22 in the tree so the last one opens up **Edit: Consider taking this to 10 for a defensive spec - the weapon skills debuff isn't bad

(Str) Bolt of Power - at rank 10 has a 50% chance to cast bolt of power on each of my combat arts. Bolt of power does extra damage and interrupts the target. Yay for interrupts. 

(Str) Unwavering Resolve - 10% extra hp and 71.2 focus. Being interrupted or running out of HP is bad when you're healing. 

(Str endline) Steadfast - As long as I stand still, I am immune to interrupts and stifles. (With the Sentinel's Fate add-on right below it)

(Agi) Wondrous Distraction - not useful, just wasting 2 points to get to the endline. Don't even waste space on your hotbar for this. 

(Agi) Battle Fervor - +32% dps and block chance. Block chance raises my avoidance which is shared with the tank via the Shield Ally AA. 

*Defensive*(Agi) Shield Ally - Until Cancelled buff that grants the target a 60% chance (at rank 10) of using the cleric's avoidance to make a 2nd avoidance check. *Edit: Shield Ally is a bit complicated. It SAYS it uses your avoidance but that's not the whole story. More on this HERE

*Defensive*(Agi) Holy Shield - Single target AOE blocker with 40 second duration and 45 sec recast (With the Sentinel's Fate add on right below it). I normally macro this to myself, in case I need to stay in on a joust to keep healing or something.

(Sta) The 2nd one in this line gives a bonus to base weapon damage. 

(Wis) The 2nd one in this line adds extra Divine damage to every melee or spell hit. 

*DPS*(Wis) Exorcise - Until cancelled buff, lowers my heal potency by 95% and automatically hits up to 4 targets every few seconds. This is only in my dps spec, and I toggle it off if things get hairy. 

*Hybrid* (Int) I just took this line to spend enough points to open up the endline in my hybrid spec... nothing exceptional about it.

(Endline) Divine Guidance - The best gift clerics have ever been given. 24 second group reactive with unlimited triggers, + 30% max hp. The range on DG is also a whopping 43 meters. 


*Edit* Further testing makes me lean toward 10 points in skull crack, and only 2 in Unwavering Resolve... the melee skills debuff on skull crack is nice for keeping tough mobs from outright slaughtering your tank, and the extra damage on it is nice for dpsing on easy fights. 

Inquisitor Tree


This is the tree where you upgrade your attacks to melee strikes. I put only 1 point in each one for my defensive spec, to save points for beefing up my debuffs and lowering the reuse on my death save and emergency heals. Opinions vary on whether it's worth spending 5 points to make it so that verdict triggers when the mob crosses the threshold, but it's worth it to me because things get hectic and that gives me some flexibility with when I cast verdict. 

You DEFINITELY want Reach of Faith. It expands your heal range and the radius of your group buffs. Huge deal. 

Another interesting note - adding heals to the punishment spells with the right hand endline is fairly useful. The heal goes on the ally who is nearest to the mob, often a tank who may not even be in your group. Sometimes it helps a lot, sometimes not much, but if you look for it in your parser keep in mind that the healing done by punishment is not credited to the inquisitor, it is credited to the mob it is cast on. 

Endline: Chilling Invigoration - This is a 10 trigger reactive that also inflicts damage on the attacker who triggers it. The damage it does is credited to the target of the spell, and it can be cast cross group.


 Shadows Tree


I take Seal of Faith in the Priest line to raise my block for Shield Ally, in Defensive. In my other 2 specs I take  Litany of Combat for better damage instead. 

In my mage group spec, I skipped a lot of bonuses to single target heals in favor of group heals and buffs. 

Overwhelming Arms gives a 25% chance with each combat art to raise your flurry by 20% for 15 seconds. It's up almost constantly and is extremely huge for dps. 

 Fanatical Devotion gives a 10 second group damage proc, which the inquisitor has a 15% chance to trigger on any critical hit. It's up a lot if I am in melee range, and typically parses slightly less than Peace of Mind, making up 2-4% of each group member's total damage.


Heroic AA


 Spirit and Body is, in my opinion, a no brainer for everyone, but as a healer the last thing I want to do is die. 

You can reforge to reuse speed so easily now, I always take cb and potency which are harder to get.

The boost to Divine Guidance is a must-have. Divine Armor is wonderful for healing a tank through a lot of incoming damage, but in any other situation take  Retribution for 30% extra combat art damage while in offensive stance.

I've gone back and forth on the best endline to take. Equilibrium would be the obvious choice if tanks weren't excluded from the death save. I used this one a lot in CoE when people being one-shot by aoes was a real risk and too many deaths meant a fail condition. But now it seems kind of meh. Preserverance of the Divine gives a 2 hit stoneskin that only absorbs damage over 10% of the target's health. It can last up to 15 seconds and once it ends it applies a 2 trigger reactive based on the amount of damage the stoneskins absorbed. This one is situational but can be really useful. For my defensive spec, I go back and forth between Preserverance and Immaculate Revival. Instant cast clean group rez with full hp and power that can be cast while I'm under control effects or even dead. If things have gone really south, this gives me a way to get my group stable again extremely quickly. 


*Edit: I've switched to taking Divine Armor in my group spec instead of potency... because running Divine Armor on the tank makes it easier to slack off and dps during group runs. 

Dragon AA


 I spec for the bigger better faster stronger heals in defensive, big deeps in dps, and some of each in hybrid. 



*Edit: I go full left-side for Vulaks because the 100% extra healing received and stoneskins can really save the day, plus the reflect effect does a decent bit of damage to the mob if it's hitting hard enough. 

My prestige trees are all identical except for in my dps and mage group specs I take  Invigorate instead of Brainstorm, for the doublecast + flurry rather than damage reduction. Otherwise I take the right hand tree, because Interrogation is amazing both for dps and the group ward it procs. I've had Interrogation's ward go as high as 120k, although it's usually more like 80-90k. 

Class Focus


  1. Spells/combat arts discussion, basics on your stuff.

First, Heals:

Radiance - Emergency 5 trigger single target reactive on long reuse timer. 

Chilling Invigoration - Bonus 10 trigger single target reactive + damage trigger on medium reuse timer. I usually put this on Liepha right before she grabs a bunch of adds, to help with heals and dps the adds down. 

Penance - Basic 5 trigger single target reactive on very short reuse timer. If I'm in a group with a tank, I maintain this on them constantly. If I'm not in a group with a tank, I maintain this on whichever tank doesn't have a cleric in its group. If all the tanks have clerics, I macro this for anyone else in the raid who seems to be taking increased damage and cast it as needed.

Ministration - Faster casting, smaller one-time heal. I use drumsUI, and this is #2 on my group clicky buttons. I will throw it on anyone in the raid if I see their health less than green, and I use it during necros' lifeburns. 

Fanatical Healing - Longer casting, bigger one-time heal. This one is #3 on my group clicky buttons, and I use it the same way as the other one. If my tank is taking tons of damage, I chain Fanatical Healing and Ministration between refreshing Penance.

 Evidence of Faith - Emergency 9 trigger group reactive on long reuse timer.

Malevolent Diatribe - Basic 12 trigger group reactive on short reuse timer. I maintain this constantly.

Alleviation - Group one-time heal. I hit this one if more than one person in my group needs a heal. 

Divine Guidance - 24 second unlimited trigger group reactive + 30% hp on medium reuse timer. I use DG any time I anticipate lots of incoming damage. I'll use it + a precasted myth cure to compensate for not having an aoe blocker on painful AoEs, I use it if my tank is grabbing adds or taking big damage, or I sometimes use it for its huge radius if members of my group are out of heal range. It can be cast while running, so sometimes I cast it if heals are needed during a joust. On easy fights, I use it so I can be lazy and dps without casting any heals. 

Inquisition - 15 second duration heal over time on a medium reuse timer. Inquisition can be cast while moving, and I use it to heal during jousts, or when there is lots of damage, or to help keep up with lifeburns. 


 Cure - gets rid of a detriment     

Cure curse - gets rid of a curse   

Resolute Flagellant - Group cure   

Cleansing of the Soul - Group cure from the Inquisitor Mythical weapon. Dispels 209 levels of detriments (usually 2 of each type) and heals for each detriment removed. 

Fervent Faith - Cures all control effects from myself. 

Holy Shield - AoE blocker

Disorientation - Drops my hate by 1 position with all targets in AoE

 Verdict - Lowers the mobs health from 3% for epics, 12% for heroics down to 1hp.


Condemn - Debuffs mitigation vs all damage by 1002 (More with AA upgrades) - I cast this on everything at the start of the fight.

Deny - Debuffs Str & Int of mob - can be upgraded with aa to also debuff wisdom. I cast this on Mage or Fighter names.  

Forced Obedience - Debuffs melee skills of grouped mobs - can be upgraded with AA to debuff offensive skills too. I cast this on any mobs that seem to hit hard, especially names in raid. In my defensive spec I have it upgraded to debuff defense as well and I cast it on everything.


 Litany Circle -  Blue Melee AOE + Interrupt, max 8 targets.   Heratic's Doom - Green spell AoE, can be cast from ranged.   Divine Demonstration - Green spell AoE, can be cast from ranged. 

Punishment Spells:

Vengeance      Repentance      Smite Heretic

Single Target Attacks:

Listed in my usual casting order, noting anything they do besides damage

Invocation Strike - Interrupt   Strike of Flames - DoT + Arcane Mit Debuff   Strike of Corruption - DoT   Writhing Strike - DoT + Arcane Mit Debuff   Skull Crack - Interrupt + 20 sec weapon and casting skills debuff

Hammer Divine Smite - Knockdown (if not epic)   Wrath/Uncontrollable Wrath   Interrogation - Big damage + ward proc if the mob is under 50% hp

5. Hot bar setup - with screen shots


6. Group buffs and individual buffs and why you use them where.

My always-on group buff package provides: 

313.9 Stamina

76.8 Multi-Attack

75.2 Haste

10 DPS

123.2 Wis/Str/Agi/Int

+2.7% to base avoidance

9.6 reuse speed

Arcane Mitigation: 2894

Elemental & Noxious Mitigation: 1819

Physical Mitigation: 2914 (only 658 for Fighters)

Fighters only: +5.94 hp per stamina, seems to actually give around 170k HP

Stun immunity on about 40% of the time

Divine damage proc 1.5x/min


I also have Inquest, which gives a single target 2% flurry and doublecast, and procs power for the group. I try to give it to someone with high weapon damage or big nukes. 

  1. Pre pull buffs

 I don't really cast much before pull except heals.

  1. Casting order, combat arts/spells, temp buffs, and why

I cast my standard st and group reactives before pull, refreshing them as needed throughout the fight. I usually throw Condemn (mit debuff) as the mob is running in. If I am in defensive or if it is a named, I will throw Forced Obedience and then Deny as well. After debuffs, I usually hit a melee attack to start my auto attack, then cast all 3 punishment spells. Once they are up, I go through my attacks in the order I listed them in the above section, while refreshing reactives, punishment spells and debuffs as needed according to my spell timer. 

  1. Oh no buttons, when things go bad.

 Divine Guidance and my emergency heals come to mind, but I don't have any really powerful cure-all, it's more a matter of trying to anticipate disaster and prevent it. 

  1. Gear choices

 I've chosen to use: 2 pieces of the set with both potency and hp%, 3 pieces of the set with potency and no hp%, and 2 pieces of auto attack damage gear. I have the Maul of the Wyrmslayer equipped as my 2 hander, but I have Deacon's Valiant Hammer and Buckler of Guise on hand to swap in for my defensive spec as well. I use Gangel's Cloak of Piety and Belt of Ethereal Scales to bring up my flurry for better damage. Ideal heroic content charm slot items I think are Ahrmatal's Scorching Eye and Fabled Azjer'orz Guard

  1. Adornment choices


I have crit chance in my ears and rings. (Edit: switching these to Stamina as items give me more crit chance)

DPS in neck, waist

Weaponry in chest, hands, feet and both wrists

I put casting speed in my cloak and charms, to buy myself some stats to reforge

Wisdom everywhere else



I put flurry in my shoulders, AE auto in my forearms, power runes everywhere else except I got an ethereal potency so I put that one on too. 

War runes: Bolstered Attributes, Storm Animus, Winds of Obol, Truespirit's Legacy, Screams of Battle. I still have Evaded Reaper, but it seems like the proc rate has been nerfed. I'm considering trading it out for Descent of Drinal (for the crit chance) or Reification (for the bigger heals and chance to cure)


  1. Deity/other items (mana stone, etc)

I chose Rodcet Nife for my deity, because of Devout Healing - 20 second reactive that triggers a HUGE group heal each time the target (should be the tank) takes a hit. That spell by itself will solo heal the group standing in fire on Ahrmatal for 20 seconds, as long as the tank keeps getting hit. 

 Clicky effect from Steward's Mantle of Eternity - can give some handy buffs

Clicky item given by Cloak of Crystalline Waters good to keep one around for power regen

Both types of manastone - mis-calibrated and overclocked

Both types of power signet available from the Relic and Signet peddler

Either Savant's Essence of Power or Savant's Essence of Clarity

Power potions from the station cash market or goblin games

I still keep my Manastone from the Stiletto's Orders HQ hotbarred... it gives enough power to cast one heal and that has saved the day more than once

Oiled Studs of Discipline - Make a macro to equip and use these, then re-equip your normal earring. It can all be in the same macro. Has to be done before the fight starts, but it benefits you for 42 seconds once activated and it's significant.

Radiant Earring of Revelations - Use this one the same way as the oiled studs. Extra healing power for 12 seconds on pull followed by a 15 second group potency buff, which kicks in right about the time the mob has been positioned and debuffed.

Totem of the Draconic Oracle Doesn't have to be equipped to use - just hotbar it and use it before a big cast sequence or for extra healing power in a tight spot.

The Vial of Bolgin's Brew which I linked earlier - the activated effect is life changing. I use it a ton.

Defibrilating Heart Stopper - tinkered item. Feign death somewhere safe when things have gone completely upside down, so you can rez. 

Acerbic Elixir of Piety - totally worth getting. The wisdom alone will give you nearly a 1% bonus on all your damage.  


Quel'ule Arcane Destruction potions - these are seriously sad but I use them sometimes anyway. You never know when just a very tiny bit more damage would mean the difference between success and failure!


  1. Macros you use

Oh dear, lots. I have /cancel_spellcast and /gsay macros for my cures. I have macros telling the group, raid and dirges when and who I am rezzing. I have macros for equipping and using most of the things I listed in the previous section. I have macros for saving and loading the hotkeys for my defensive spec and my normal hotkeys, because they have slightly different buttons. I have /cancel_spellcast macroed before verdict, so I can get that in quickly. I keep an extra Penance on my hotbar, so that I can put in a target macro and maintain penance on two targets if needed. I also have a /cancel_spellcast on my death save. 

  1. Useful tools you use (outside of game) - including download links

I use DrumsUI which is irreplaceable to me. It comes with a few features that I'd be lost without. 

The group window has the 5 click-to-cure buttons everyone has, but it also comes with 5 programmable buttons, which I have set in this order: 1=Penance, 2=Ministration, 3=Fanatical Healing, 4=Clean Rez, 5=Dirty Rez. 

When you hover over a player in the group or raid window, it looks like this: 

 The spell timer window is the other great thing. You set which spells you want the spell timer to keep track of, and it displays the remaining time/triggers/ward amount etc left on the spell.

Here is a shot of it in action:    That said, I can't STAND the persona window of DrumsUI. I deleted the mainhud.persona xml file from the drumsUI folder and added it to the ignore list for the DrumsUI updater. I did the same with the terrible custom icons that drumsui gives to eq2maps. All better!

I also use Eq2Maps and ACT

15. Videos of your character doing his/her job

 Coming soon


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re: ToV Inquisitor Class Guide / Soteria's Autobiography


Book Sent


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re: ToV Inquisitor Class Guide / Soteria's Autobiography


I've changed a lot of things since I initially wrote this, and there are some big problems with my AA spec as of this posting. Here are some updates:


Cleric Tree:

 Cleric - RaidCleric-GroupCleric - Heals 

Strength Line:

Skull Crack: 10 (Unless you're low on HP, then go for 10 in Unwavering Resolve instead) - The debuff is good if you're defensive, the damage is good if you're beating things up. Good either way. 

Bolt of Power: I take 10 most times, in my progression spec I wanted to snag a bit of extra HP instead. It's free damage and interrupts - yay. 

Unwavering Resolve: Good for bringing up HP.

Steadfast: Must have - as long as you're standing still, you're completely immune to stifles and interrupts. (As long as you take the additional 8 points from the Sentinel's Fate line immediately below)


Agility Line:

Wondrous Distraction: Almost always a waste of points, but needed to unlock the tree.

Battle Fervor: 32% block chance and DPS mod - the block chance is good for shield ally, dps is good for winning. 

Shield Ally: This takes your avoidance Avoidance uncontested block, plus your uncontested riposte/dodge/parry. In order to have ANY uncontested block, you must have a shield equipped. If you do completely commit to shield ally by wearing a shield, riposte adorns, and raising your block chance as much as possible, you can expect shield ally to effectively add about 4-6% additional uncontested avoidance for the tank, depending on the tank's class and how often they use their own saves,  at the expense of about 3/4 of your dps potential. I only use it very occasionally, with my heal spec. 

A note about priests and shields: the mechanics for blocking are a bit different than you might think at first glance. For example, in the image above you can see my block chance is 60%. Logically, you might assume that means I will have a 60% chance to block, but in fact that is not the case at all. The number that actually determines my chance to block is my uncontested block, which you can see (if you use the standard UI persona window) by hovering your cursor over "avoidance" as I did in the image above. Once you do that, you'll see the breakdown - in my case I've got 10.6% uncontested block, and 6% uncontested riposte. The riposte comes from Smoldering Adornment of Avoidance, which can be crafted using t8 materials and goes in your neck adorn slots. You do not need a shield to have uncontested riposte, but (as far as I know) since riposte is not a skill available to priests, you cannot riposte for yourself, but can riposte on the tank's behalf through shield ally. A lot of priests seem to have the idea that having a shield equipped makes them take less damage, but this is not really the case. As you can see even with 60% block chance, my uncontested block is 10.6%. That is with a very good block chance shield, block chance adorns on both my shield and 1 hander, and AAs in block chance, so that's probably about as high as any priest is likely to get. Furthermore, you can only block melee hits, which probably won't hit you anyway if you're not standing in front of the mob like a big derp. So I say all this to illustrate the point that not worthwhile to equip a shield as a priest unless you're using shield ally, and even that is barely ever useful. 

Holy Shield: Single target AE blocker with a 40 second duration and 45 second reuse (as long as you take the 8 points in the Sentinel's Fate line below). I selfishly macro this to myself most of the time... gotta look out for #1 :)


Strength Line:

Hammer Divine Smite: Nice combat art, I put a point in it just to advance to the next item

Severe Judgement: Auto attack typically does 40-60% of my total damage, so anything that raises weapon damage is good. 


Wisdom Line:

Divine Demonstration: Nice encounter aoe, I put 10 in this for my group spec but for the rest I just put one in it to advance down the tree to...

Blessed Armament: At 10 ranks this gives a 100% chance to proc cleanse, which is a somewhat significant source of dps(2-5% for me). 

Exorcist's Concentration: Since inquisitors only have a few damage spells, this isn't extremely useful. I only put 2 points here to advance to Exorcism in my group spec. 

Exorcism: This takes 90 from the potency that applies to your heals, in exchange for an AOE that is extremely poorly explained in the spell description. It ticks every 6 seconds, on a maximum of 4 targets, and it's active whenever you are in combat. This means it will toggle your auto attack on if it isn't already, and it needs to be turned off if you intend to train mobs without hitting them, or for fights where a script calls you to stop attacking (like Bolgin). Exorcism doesn't proc any other items or abilities, but it normally does 2-5% of my dps in heroic and advanced solo zones. 


Intelligence Line:

I don't use the intelligence line at all right now. 



Inquisitor Tree:


Inquisitor - RaidInquisitor - GroupInquisitor - Heal


All of the AAs that provide reuse speed adjustments are pointless because you already have 100% reuse speed. If you wanted to take the emergency heal ones to increase the crit bonus for those abilities it wouldn't be a horrible idea, it just depends on how significant that 25 or so crit bonus will be compared to the amount of crit bonus you already have. 

The max health group buff is obviously worth putting points into.

I put 5 in each of the melee strike upgrades to the spells, and upgrade the punishment spells.

Upgrading Act of War isn't a bad idea... it's a little bit of extra dps for everyone in the group.

I put 5 in Enhance Resurrections, to get more range and radius for my rez spells. It can save a lot of time not having to figure out where someone is and stand over their corpse to rez. 

I seem to be about the only inquisitor who puts points in Enhance: Verdict, and I'd say it's a matter of preference... I am paranoid that I will get trigger happy and hit verdict too soon, which wastes it. Especially with the way some raid encounters are extremely laggy, I like the safety net. 

If you didn't put points in Enhance: Verdict, I'd suggest Enhance: Fanaticism. 

Reach of Faith is a must have, increasing the range and radius of your spells, especially useful for heal spells and group buffs. 

Battle Cleric: Yes! Get this if for no other reason than the physical mitigation boost. 

Punishment: This does almost nothing, other than let me pretend I'm doing my job and healing while I'm really casting damage spells. Don't shatter the illusion! (Seriously though, if you wanted a point somewhere else, this would be the one to move)

The 4 in the Sentinel's Fate line are fairly obvious.

Chilling Invigoration is a very good spell. Chilling Vengeance (the damage portion of the reactive) can easily hit for over 1 million damage in a raid, and the heal component is the biggest reactive heal Inquisitors are given, by a huge margin.


Shadows Tree:


Shadows- RaidShadows - GroupShadows - Heals


Nothing's really changed here, other than that I've determined Shield Ally isn't significant enough to merit spending points on extra block chance for it. 


Heroic Tree

Heroic - RaidHeroic - GroupHeroic- Heals

Inquisitors get a great heroic tree. 

Spirit and Body is a good choice for the top row if you're short on hit points - remember, unlike rangers, a dead inquisitor is completely worthless so make sure you have enough HP to survive. 

If you have enough HP, Attribute Prowess is a good way to raise your wisdom for extra damage. 

Whether you take crit bonus or potency will depend on what you're already getting from your equipment. I find a lot of group procs and equipment procs raise potency but crit bonus is a little harder to get, so I chose CB, except for my super heal spec where I took both. 

Enhance: Divine Guidance: Obviously this is a good choice if you plan to heal at all. 

Retribution: This is a good choice to put points if you intend to do any DPS. 

Divine Armor: I highly recommend this. It really adds up, especially on fights where a target is taking small hits in quick succession, such as add swarms, which tend to eat your normal reactives very quickly. 


Equilibrium is amazing. It can be used while under control effects, and it prevents ALL non-fighter deaths for 8 seconds. In heroic content, it is useful for mem-wipes, preventing the untimely death of lifeburning necros, and saving yourself from tanks who don't know about heal agro. In raid content, it's more useful as an improvised AoE blocker, avoiding certain fail condition deaths, or keeping a group alive through a tense situation. 

Preserverance of the Divine is the cleric's answer to warden's Thorns. It's a very fast casting save that absorbs the next 2 attacks that would hit for more than 10% of the target's total HP. After both stoneskins trigger, it applies a 2 hit reactive heal, the amount of which is based on the amount absorbed by the stoneskins. It's a decent disaster button for if you see the tank health suddenly drop to the red, and you'd like to forestall death until you can re-stabilize. I use this only in my super heal spec. 

Immaculate Revival: Sickness free group revive that casts instantly and can be cast while under control effects or even dead. 



Dragon Tree:


Dragon - Group & RaidDragon - Heals


I use the same Dragon tree for my raid and group specs. The Unyielding Retribution endline's crit bonus boost applies to both heals and dps, but it will drop if you don't use a damage spell or combat art every 5 seconds. If you're quick, you can sneak in Malevolent Diatribe, which is your longest casting spell, as long as you cast a combat art immediately before and immediately after. Keep in mind punishment spells do not count, for the purpose of keeping this spell running, as damage spells. 

For my super heal spec, I take the Draconic Regeneration line to get faster casting group heals, because responding to incoming damage quickly is easier to do with shorter base cast times. 



Prestige Tree:


Prestige - Group & RaidPrestige- heals

I use the same prestige tree for group and raid. 

Invigorate: has a chance to proc 3% doublecast and 10% flurry for the group. Yay!

Flawless Reaction: 36% chance to double the triggers on my reactive heals. Yay!

Perfect Timing: 36% chance to double the triggers on my punishment spells. Yay!

I take the right side tree because Interrogation is a huge source of both damage and healing. The group ward sometimes goes over 350,000 in raids, but it's usually around 100k - 120k in groups. That ward amount isn't shared, it's for each group member. 

For my super heal spec, I take the left side. Fanatic's Protection, with the branches I chose, does a few different things for the target. First of all, it increases the amount of healing received by 10%. Second, it has a 60% chance to apply a 1 second long stoneskin when the target goes below 50% health. Sounds a little pathetic, but a lot can happen in one second. Third, the first 5 triggers have an additional effect that reflects 120% of incoming physical damage back on the attacker, up to 75% of the spell target's max hp. Depending on how hard the mob is hitting, this can add up to a huge amount of damage, although the parse will not give you the accolades for it. It parses as damage done by the enemy, to the enemy. Still, I have seen fights where this is the #1 biggest damage source if you look at the mob's incoming damage. 






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re: ToV Inquisitor Class Guide / Soteria's Autobiography


Someone mentioned this guide has a lot of information for end-game play but isn't relevant for leveling up a new inquisitor. That wasn't really the scope of the post, but it got me thinking how much the default leveling profile setups stink, all the things I wish I'd known about the AA trees when I first started the class. And so, here is my "welcome to the best class" gift to anyone trying out a new inquisitor: Soteria-SoloLeveling.aa


This is definitely not an end game spec, but it will work well for questing and leveling up to around level 80 or 90, and points are spent in a logical order that shouldn't waste points on enhancing abilities before you have them etc. unlike the terrible default profiles. 


If anyone tries this out, feedback is welcome!


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re: ToV Inquisitor Class Guide / Soteria's Autobiography


With the class coming back toward usefulness again, I've been getting some questions about how to inquisitor. I decided to update my guide, so that we might eradicate blasphemers and heretics together in this new and exciting era!

Guide at eq2wire

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re: ToV Inquisitor Class Guide / Soteria's Autobiography

-Soteria- wrote:

With the class coming back toward usefulness again, I've been getting some questions about how to inquisitor. I decided to update my guide, so that we might eradicate blasphemers and heretics together in this new and exciting era!

Guide at eq2wire

 Thanks Soteria, as always great to see you and awesome info!

Shuu - HM
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re: ToV Inquisitor Class Guide / Soteria's Autobiography


Excellent, I was just thinking that I really needed an inqy guide! Thanks, Soteria :)

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