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    Current DKP - Grenricks Raid Pool

    Earned Spent Total Last Raid Last 30 Last 60
    3,789.003,602.00187.002021-09-267/9 (78%)15/17 (88%)

    Item History

    Item Spent Date Raid Name Event
    [green adornment]12021-09-24BGA Friday RaidGG-Friday
    [earring]12021-09-12GG-Sunday Noon, PST GG-Sunday
    [red rune]12021-09-12GG-Sunday Noon, PST GG-Sunday
    [wand]12021-08-27GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST GG-Friday
    [forearm]12021-08-20GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST GG-Friday
    [Charm]252021-07-30GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST GG-Friday
    [Wrist Item]52021-07-09GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST GG-Friday
    [recipe]12021-07-09GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST GG-Friday
    [earring]52021-07-02GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST GG-Friday
    [wrist]12021-07-02GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST GG-Friday
    [cloth forearm]52021-06-25GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST GG-Friday
    [Charm]12021-06-25GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST GG-Friday
    [earring]12021-06-18GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST GG-Friday
    [cloth hat]02021-06-11GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST GG-Friday
    [cloth forearm]12021-06-11GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST GG-Friday
    [cloth gloves]12021-05-21GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST GG-Friday
    [Lazeratus, Sacred Spirit] 12021-05-21GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST GG-Friday
    [Pops' Fanny Pack]12021-04-23GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST GG-Friday
    [Needlite Chiten Hood]12021-01-10GG-Sunday Noon, PST GG-Sunday
    [Qaaron's Magnanimous Manifesto]252020-11-08GG-Sunday Noon, PST GG-Sunday
    [Helm]12020-11-06GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST GG-Friday
    [Searing Silver Wristlet]12020-11-01GG-Sunday Noon, PST GG-Sunday
    [mount]252020-10-30GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST GG-Friday
    [Spire Lord's Ire]22020-10-18GG-Sunday Noon, PST GG-Sunday
    [Scion Song Earrings]252020-10-16GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST GG-Friday
    [Forward Commander's Cape]12020-09-13GG-Sunday Noon, PST GG-Sunday
    [Wristlet of Negation]252020-08-16GG-Sunday Noon, PST GG-Sunday
    [Shadowmark Boots of Evation]12020-08-07GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST GG-Friday
    [Hertu's First Ranking Earring]202020-08-02GG-Sunday Noon, PST GG-Sunday
    [Obscura-wave Cowl of the Deathelss]12020-07-26GG-Sunday Noon, PST GG-Sunday
    [Shadowwalled Leathe Greaves of Evasion]252020-07-26GG-Sunday Noon, PST GG-Sunday
    [Shadowwalled Gi of Evasion]102020-07-17GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST GG-Friday
    [Shadowmark Barbute of the Deathless]32020-06-14GG-Sunday Noon, PST GG-Sunday
    [Red adorn]12020-06-14GG-Sunday Noon, PST GG-Sunday
    [Shadowmark Barbute of the Deathless]32020-06-14GG-Sunday Noon, PST GG-Sunday
    [Shadowmark Barbute of the Deathless]32020-06-14GG-Sunday Noon, PST GG-Sunday
    [forarms]12020-06-07GG-Sunday Noon, PST GG-Sunday
    [Crimson Ring of Fallen Havens]252020-06-05GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST GG-Friday
    [Shadowcaster's Gloves of the Deathless]252020-05-24GG-Sunday Noon, PST 20+ City Task A Bold Confrontation (1)
    [Diseased Bo of Ssraeshza]12020-05-17GG-Sunday Noon, PST GG-Sunday
    [Shadowweaver's Shoes ofDestructions]12020-05-15GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST GG-Friday
    [Pouncer's Ivory Chalice]252020-05-08GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST GG-Friday
    [Snaked Silvered Pendant]12020-05-03GG-Sunday Noon, PST GG-Sunday
    [Shadowweaver's Sleeves of Enlightement]252020-05-03GG-Sunday Noon, PST GG-Sunday
    [Flowerful Tegi Signet Ring]252020-05-01GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST GG-Friday
    [Azure Pearl Earring]252020-04-26GG-Sunday Noon, PST GG-Sunday
    [Empyral Rune of Epedience]52020-04-17GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST GG-Friday
    [Shadownborn Leather Guantlets of Enlightenment]52020-04-17GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST GG-Friday
    [Mage, pants]12020-04-12GG-Sunday Noon, PST GG-Sunday
    [Mage, helm]12020-04-10GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST GG-Friday
    [Bracers, Mage]12020-04-05GG-Sunday Noon, PST GG-Sunday
    [Badge of Seru Loyalty]122020-04-05GG-Sunday Noon, PST GG-Sunday
    [Girdle of the Giant Sandwurm]12020-03-22GG-Sunday Noon, PST GG-Sunday
    [Signet Ring of the Horrorfiend]52020-03-06GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST GG-Sunday
    [Empyral Rune of Expedience ]112020-03-06GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST GG-Sunday
    [Mage pants]252020-03-01GG-Sunday Noon, PST GG-Sunday
    [Rune: Firmament of Power]12020-03-01GG-Sunday Noon, PST GG-Sunday
    [Earring of the Shaded Remnant]12020-02-28GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST GG-Friday
    [Red adorn]252020-02-28GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST GG-Friday
    [Galorian Veil]252020-02-23GG-Sunday Noon, PST GG-Sunday
    [Shoulders]12020-02-16GG-Sunday Noon, PST GG-Sunday
    [weapon]12020-02-16GG-Sunday Noon, PST GG-Sunday
    [Emboldened Ring of Horror]252020-02-14GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST GG-Friday
    [Cloth Boots]152020-01-31GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST GG-Friday
    [Empryal Rune?]12020-01-31GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST GG-Friday
    [HemolyphicRobes]12020-01-12GG-Sunday Noon, PST GG-Sunday
    [Gintolaken's Bracelet of the Earthen Warlord]52019-10-20GG-Sunday Noon, PST GG-Sunday
    [CD Armor: Helm]12019-10-18GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST GG-Friday
    [The Stone Core]12019-10-18GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST GG-Friday
    [Deathless Glimmerstone PAnt Pattern]12019-09-29GG-Sunday Noon, PST GG-Sunday
    [Gorget of the Fire Titan]52019-09-29GG-Sunday Noon, PST GG-Sunday
    [Xegony's Aery Greatstaff]12019-08-25GG-Sunday Noon, PST 20+ City Task A Bold Confrontation (1)
    [Deathless Heartstone Boot Pattern]32019-08-23GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST GG-Friday
    [7th Band of Justice]252019-08-23GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST GG-Friday
    [CD Armor: Boot]12019-08-18GG-Sunday Noon, PST GG-Sunday
    [Enlightened Heartstone Shoulder Pattern]12019-08-16GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST GG-Friday
    [CD Amor: Boots]12019-08-11GG-Sunday Noon, PST GG-Sunday
    [Deathless Heartstone Glove Pattern]52019-08-11GG-Sunday Noon, PST GG-Sunday
    [Destructive Glimmerstone Bracer Pattern]12019-08-09GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST GG-Friday
    [The Firelord's Massive Smasher]12019-08-04GG-Sunday Noon, PST GG-Sunday
    [Faal'Armanna's Aeary Crossbow]12019-08-04GG-Sunday Noon, PST GG-Sunday
    [Enlightened Glimmerstone Boot Pattern]102019-07-26GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 20+ City Task A Bold Confrontation (1)
    [CD Armor Voucher: Destructive Stoneshaped Glove]12019-07-21GG-Sunday Noon, PST 20+ City Task A Bold Confrontation (1)
    [Earring of Defeated Foes]12019-07-21GG-Sunday Noon, PST 20+ City Task A Bold Confrontation (1)
    [CD Armor Voucher: Enlightened Glimmerstone Helm]12019-07-19GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 20+ City Task A Bold Confrontation (1)
    [Signet of the Innocent]252019-07-07GG-Sunday Noon, PST GG-Sunday
    [Destructive Stoneshaped Shoulder Pattern]12019-07-07GG-Sunday Noon, PST GG-Sunday
    [Coirav's Cloak of the Triumvirate]152019-06-30GG-Sunday Noon, PST GG-Sunday
    [Signet of the Aery Queen]252019-06-28GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST GG-Friday
    [CD Pattern: Boots]12019-06-23GG-Sunday Noon, PST GG-Sunday
    [Deathless Glimmerstone Chest Pattern]12019-06-09GG-Sunday Noon, PST GG-Sunday
    [Enlightened Earthcrafted Glove Pattern]12019-05-31GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST GG-Friday
    [Planar Amalgamation's Buckler]12019-05-31GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST GG-Friday
    [CD Armor: Gloves]252019-05-26GG-Sunday Noon, PST GG-Sunday
    [CD Armor: Boots]252019-05-24GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST GG-Friday
    [Coirnav's Emerald Scale]252019-05-17GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST GG-Friday
    [CD Armor: Shoulders]252019-05-10GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST GG-Friday
    [CD Armor: Pant]252019-05-03GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST GG-Friday
    [Javonn's Flaming Wand]252019-04-28GG-Sunday Noon, PST GG-Sunday
    [Dhara, Colossus of Earth]102019-04-28GG-Sunday Noon, PST GG-Sunday
    [Llyr, Colossus of Water] 232019-04-19GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST GG-Friday
    [CD Armor: Gloves]252019-04-14GG-Sunday Noon, PST GG-Sunday
    [Derugoak's Planar Cape]12019-04-12GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST GG-Friday
    [CD Armor: Chest Pattern]252019-04-07GG-Sunday Noon, PST GG-Sunday
    [Destructive Earthwalkers Helm Pattern]12019-04-07GG-Sunday Noon, PST GG-Sunday
    [CD Armor: Destructive Stonewalker's Bracer Pattern]12019-04-05GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST GG-Friday
    [CD Armor: Enlightened Stonewalker's Helm Pattern]102019-04-05GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST GG-Friday
    [Enlightened Earthwalker's Bracer Pattern]12019-03-31GG-Sunday Noon, PST GG-Sunday
    [Destructive Glimmerstone Chest Pattern]102019-03-31GG-Sunday Noon, PST GG-Sunday
    [Enlightened Mudwalker's Pant Pattern]12019-03-31GG-Sunday Noon, PST GG-Sunday
    [Misty Stormrider's Cloak]12019-03-29GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST GG-Friday
    [Destructive Mudwalker's Bracer Pattern]252019-03-29GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST GG-Friday
    [Zephyrus, Colossus of Wind] 102019-03-17GG-Sunday Noon, PST GG-Sunday
    [The Kraken's Badge of Fealty]102019-03-15GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST GG-Friday
    [Jaggedtooth Fang Earring]12019-03-10GG-Sunday Noon, PST GG-Sunday
    [Arch Mage's 100 Proof Rum]12019-03-03GG-Sunday Noon, PST GG-Sunday
    [Yozanni's Fiery Wand]252019-03-01GG-Friday 6:30 PM PSTGG-Friday
    [Glistening Toad Wristlet]12019-03-01GG-Friday 6:30 PM PSTGG-Friday
    [Windblade's Odd Shaped Heart]202019-02-24GG-Sunday Noon, PST GG-Sunday
    [Destructive Mudwalker's Shoulder Pattern]12019-02-17GG-Sunday Noon, PST GG-Sunday
    [Magmaton's Fiery Bracelet]52019-02-15GG-Friday 6:30 PM PSTGG-Friday
    [Jopal's Twisted Daggerof Theivery]12019-02-10GG-Sunday Noon, PST GG-Sunday
    [Splintered Vegarlson Shard Earring]12019-02-10GG-Sunday Noon, PST GG-Sunday
    [Reqarm's Commanding Signet Ring]252019-02-08GG-Friday 6:30 PM PSTGG-Friday
    [Scrorched Earth Crossbow]12019-02-03GG-Sunday Noon, PST GG-Sunday
    [Arborian Bark Belt]12019-02-01GG-Friday 6:30 PM PSTGG-Friday
    [Enlightened Mudwalker's Pant Pattern]252019-01-06GG - SundayGG-Sunday
    [Crystallized Knowledge of Planar Armor: Head]12018-09-21GG FridayGG-Friday
    [Grangrenous Ring of Wretch]12018-09-21GG FridayGG-Friday
    [Crystallized Knowledge of Planar Armor: Forearms]12018-09-09GG-Sunday Noon, PST 20+ City Task A Bold Confrontation (1)
    [Condensed Wisdom of Planar Armor: Helm]12018-09-09GG-Sunday Noon, PST 20+ City Task A Bold Confrontation (1)
    [Corpulus Torque]12018-09-09GG-Sunday Noon, PST 20+ City Task A Bold Confrontation (1)
    [Fabled Chain of Unknown Knowledge]12018-09-02GG-Sunday Noon, PST GG-Sunday
    [Crystallized Knowledge of Planar Armor: Hands]252018-08-31GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST GG-Friday
    [Crystallized Knowledge of Planar Armor: Feet]12018-08-26GG-Sunday Noon, PST GG-Sunday
    [Ferris' Jewel of Blaze]12018-08-05GG-Sunday Noon, PST GG-Sunday
    [Corpulus Beads]22018-06-29GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST GG-Friday
    [Foundation of Earth] 12018-06-24GG-Sunday Noon, PST GG-Sunday
    [Ascension of Life] 12018-06-15GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST GG-Friday
    [Partially Identified Organ]12018-06-10GG-Sunday Noon, PST GG-Sunday
    [Girdle of Siphoned Energy]252018-06-01GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST GG-Friday
    [Plague Drapes]252018-06-01GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST GG-Friday
    [Flamelord Dust]12018-05-27GG-Sunday Noon, PST GG-Sunday
    [Ascension of Love]252018-05-06GG-Sunday Noon, PSTGG-Sunday
    [Prototype Arm Coverings]12018-05-06GG-Sunday Noon, PSTGG-Sunday
    [Scintillating Forearm Coverings]12018-05-04GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST20+ City Task A Bold Confrontation (1)
    [Cloak From Contagious Diseases]12018-05-04GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST20+ City Task A Bold Confrontation (1)
    [Icestorm's Earring of Frost]22018-04-22GG-SundayGG-Sunday
    [Infected Wrist Bandages]202018-04-06GG-FridayGG-Friday
    [Weathered LegCoverings II]52018-03-16GG-FridayGG-Friday
    [Scrapheap Bracelet]12018-03-11GG-SundayGG-Sunday
    [Bolstered Prototype Shaft]12018-03-11GG-SundayGG-Sunday
    [Prototype Foot Coverings]52018-03-09GG-FridayGG-Friday
    [Foundation of Earth] 252018-03-09GG-FridayGG-Friday
    [Prototype Hand Coverings]252018-03-02GG-FridayGG-Friday
    [Green Firelord Heart]12018-02-23GG-FridayGG-Friday
    [Prototype Arm Coverings]102018-02-23GG-FridayGG-Friday
    [Prototype Chest Coverings]102018-02-16GG-FridayGG-Friday
    [Prototype Head Coverings I]252018-02-09GG-FridayGG-Friday
    [Rune of Embers] 252018-02-09GG-FridayGG-Friday
    [Unknown Occular Device Earring]102018-02-04GG-SundayGG-Sunday
    [Golden Obsidian Cloak]12018-02-04GG-SundayGG-Sunday
    [Adamant Defiance] 12018-02-02GG-FridayGG-Friday
    [Giant's Best Friend Ring]252018-02-02GG-FridayGG-Friday
    [Innovative Harnessed Energy]12018-01-28GG-Sunday20+ City Task A Bold Confrontation (1)
    [Rune: Trained to Battle ]62018-01-28GG-Sunday20+ City Task A Bold Confrontation (1)
    [Adamant Resolve] 12018-01-26GG-FridayGG-Friday
    [Innovative Prototype Miniature Club]12018-01-26GG-FridayGG-Friday
    [Pauldrons of Nightmare]52017-12-10GG - SundayGG-Sunday
    [Satchel of the Weakened]102017-12-03GG-SundayGG-Sunday
    [Satchel of the Weakened]252017-10-22GG-SundayGG-Sunday
    [Ascended Cloth Armor Pattern]52017-10-20GG-FridayGG-Friday
    [Expert's Chomp's Xalgozian Signet]12017-10-06GG-FridayGG-Friday
    [Expert's Ascended Gloves]12017-09-17GG-SundayGG-Sunday
    [Expert'sPrimatious 'Belt]12017-09-17GG-SundayGG-Sunday
    [Expert's Nexklace of the Amalgam]12017-09-17GG-SundayGG-Sunday
    [Expert's Ascending Cap Pattern]252017-09-08GG-FridayGG-Friday
    [Expert's Heridal's Watering Can]12017-08-25GG - Friday GG-Friday
    [Expert's Wristlet of Powermongering ]252017-08-25GG - Friday GG-Friday
    [Apalla Firecrown] 252017-08-11GG - Friday GG-Friday
    [Expert's Wand of the Powermonger]12017-08-06GG - SundayGG-Sunday
    [Expert's Ascended Bracer Pattern]252017-07-28GG - Friday GG-Friday
    [Ascending Forearm Pattern]12017-06-16GG-FridayGG-Friday
    [Expert's The Fighting Baton]12017-06-16GG-FridayGG-Friday
    [Powermonger's Spectral Buckler]12017-06-11GG-SundayGG-Sunday
    [Expert's Ascending Shoulder Pattern]252017-06-09GG-FridayGG-Friday
    [Rak'Ashiir's Signet Ring]12017-05-28GG - SundayGG-Sunday
    [Expert's Skulking Neckguard]12017-05-26GG - Friday GG-Friday
    [The Kly's Masterful Cloth Pantaloons]12017-05-12GG - Friday GG-Sunday
    [Emblem of Kaesora]12017-05-05GG - Friday GG-Friday
    [Signet of Unrivaled Chaos]12017-04-16GG - SundayGG-Sunday
    [Ascended Crypt Helm Pattern]252017-04-14GG - Friday GG-Friday
    [Guardian of Arcanna'se Signet]12017-04-09GG - SundayGG-Sunday
    [Wristlet of Unbridled Order]12017-04-09GG - SundayGG-Sunday
    [Ascending Foot Pattern]252017-04-07GG - Friday GG-Friday
    [Brutish Neckguard]12017-04-07GG - Friday GG-Friday
    [Ascending Spectral Mists Gloves Pattern]252017-04-02GG-SundayGG-Sunday
    [Sash of Unrivaled Chaos]12017-03-26GG-SundayGG-Sunday
    [Gorius' Gooey Wand]12017-03-26GG-SundayGG-Sunday
    [Ascending Pauldron Pattern]252017-03-05GG-SundayGG-Sunday
    [Grave Wristlet]202017-02-26GG-SundayGG-Sunday
    [Cloak of 1000 Chomps]12017-02-05GG - SundayGG-Sunday
    [Reaver's Dangling Shards]252017-02-05GG - SundayGG-Sunday
    [Valigez's Dreadful Wand]12017-02-05GG - SundayGG-Sunday
    [Damaged Stone of Rak'Ashiir]12017-02-03GG-FridayGG-Friday
    [Cloak of 1000 Shomps]12017-01-29GG-SundayGG-Sunday
    [Valigez's Contained Spirit]12017-01-29GG-SundayGG-Sunday
    [Damaged Stone of Rak'Ashiir]12017-01-27GG-FridayGG-Friday
    [Goo-covered Spiked Earring]252017-01-15GG-SundayGG-Sunday
    [Ascending Helm Pattern]252017-01-13GG-FridayGG-Friday
    [Ascending Shoulder Pattern]252017-01-06GG-Friday GG-Friday
    [Danarium's Crypt Wristlet]252016-12-18GG-SundayGG-Sunday
    [Runelord's Belt of Runes]252016-12-16GG-Friday GG-Friday
    [The Fighting Baton]12016-12-11GG-SundayGG-Sunday
    [Strathbone Crested Ring]252016-12-04GG-SundayGG-Sunday
    [Karith'ta's Mental Band]12016-11-06GG-SundayGG-Sunday
    [Invigorated Stygian Linen Pants]12016-11-06GG-SundayGG-Sunday
    [Ojuti's Vile Signet Ring]12016-11-06GG-SundayGG-Sunday
    [Underforged Leather Pauldrons]12016-11-04GG-FridayGG-Friday
    [malduran pearl earring]12016-11-04GG-FridayGG-Friday
    [mental breach longbow]12016-10-30GG-SundayGG-Sunday
    [Feasting Soul Wristlet]12016-10-28GG-FridayGG-Friday
    [Htardlem's Wrathful Stud]12016-10-28GG-FridayGG-Friday
    [Invigorated Ancient Captain's Mantle]12016-10-02GG-SundayGG-Sunday
    [Invigorated Ancient Captain's Vambraces]12016-10-02GG-SundayGG-Sunday
    [Cronnin's Fiery Ring]12016-09-30GG-FridayGG-Friday
    [Cloth Bonesnapper Cuffs]12016-09-30GG-FridayGG-Friday
    [Obligatory Crabshell Cracker]12016-09-30GG-FridayGG-Friday
    [Ancient Stygian Coin]12016-09-25GG-SundayGG-Sunday
    [Htardlem's Tentacle Blade]12016-09-25GG-SundayGG-Sunday
    [Underforged Cloth Pauldrons]12016-09-23GG-FridayGG-Friday
    [Ancient Underfoot Wand]12016-09-18GG-SundayGG-Sunday
    [Shrouded Stygian Wristlet]12016-09-18GG-SundayGG-Sunday
    [Stygian Brace]12016-09-11GG - SundayGG-Sunday
    [Ojuti's Vile Signet Ring]12016-09-11GG - SundayGG-Sunday
    [Stupendous Cloak of Cooperation]52016-09-11GG - SundayGG-Sunday
    [Penumbra Tentacle Staff]12016-09-11GG - SundayGG-Sunday
    [Invigorated Ashenfell Cloth Pauldrons]12016-09-09GG - FridayGG-Friday
    [Ojuti's Vile Wristlet]12016-09-04GG-SundayGG-Sunday
    [Ashenfell Army Medallion]12016-09-04GG-SundayGG-Sunday
    [Ashenfell Symbol of Death]12016-08-26GG - FridayGG-Friday
    [Standing Army Signate Ringbb]12016-08-19GG - FridayGG-Friday
    [Spiked Scourge Neckguard]12016-08-07GG - SundayGG-Sunday
    [Kreelit's Hook Earring]52016-07-31GG - SundayGG-Sunday
    [Ojuti's Vile Necklace]12016-07-31GG - SundayGG-Sunday
    [Malduran Spirit Cage]12016-07-29GG-FridayGG-Friday
    [Malduran Loyalty Pendant]252016-07-24GG-SundayGG-Sunday
    [Bereth's Earring of Triage]12016-07-22GG-FridayGG-Friday
    [Invigorated Krakatus Cloth Cap]52016-07-08GG-FridayGG-Friday
    [Ojuti's Vile Wristlet]12016-07-03GG - SundayGG-Sunday
    [Bereth's Earring of Triage]12016-06-26GG - SundayGG-Sunday
    [mindwarper tentacle]12016-06-26GG - SundayGG-Sunday
    [Ancient Powerful Bracelet]12016-06-26GG - SundayGG-Sunday
    [Underfoged Leather Pauldrons]12016-06-17GG-FridayGG-Friday
    [Kyrus' Wonderous Earring]252016-06-05GG - SundayGG-Sunday
    [Item]52016-05-29GG - SundayGG-Sunday
    [Iron Forged Brellium Gorget]12016-05-27GG-FridayGG-Friday
    [Scorgedful Bracelet]52016-05-27GG-FridayGG-Friday
    [Htardlem's Wrathful Stud]12016-05-20GG - FridayGG-Friday
    [Bereth's Earring of Triage]12016-05-20GG - FridayGG-Friday
    [Mindwarper Eyeball Necklace]12016-04-22GG - FridayGG-Friday
    [Underforged Cloth Gloves]12016-04-08GG - FridayGG-Friday
    [Underforged Cloth Pauldrons]12016-04-08GG - FridayGG-Friday
    [Standing Army Signet Ring]12016-04-08GG - FridayGG-Friday
    [Ashenfell Symbol of Death]12016-04-03GG - SundayGG-Sunday
    [Invigorated Stygian Linen Pants]252016-04-03GG - SundayGG-Sunday
    [Stygian Earring of the Forge]12016-03-06GG-SundayGG-Sunday
    [Ashenfell Merchant Token]252016-03-04GG-FridayGG-Friday
    [Invigorated Stygian Cloth Cuffs]152016-02-26GG-FridayGG-Friday
    [Omzzem' Dagger]12016-01-31GG-SundayGG-Sunday
    [Illustrious Pearls]12016-01-17GG-SundayGG-Sunday
    [Stalwart Barkgut Stud]12016-01-08GG - FridayGG-Friday
    [Vial of Tinderton Sap]252015-12-20GG-SundayGG-Sunday
    [Powerful Barkgut Stud]102015-11-29GG-SundayGG-Sunday
    [Fabled Fragment of Ydal - Top Left]12015-11-15GG - SundayGG-Sunday
    [Malevolent Cloth Mantle]12015-10-30GG - FridayGG-Friday
    [Malevolent Leather Gauntlets]12015-10-30GG - FridayGG-Friday
    [Hoop of the Primordial Ritualist]12015-09-20GG-SundayGG-Sunday
    [Pirate-skin Hooked Patch]12015-09-20GG-SundayGG-Sunday
    [khidoran, the depraved]252015-09-13GG-SundayGG-Sunday
    [Wrist of the Primordial Death Knight]12015-09-11GG-FridayGG-Friday
    [Skull-Faceted Ring of the Seas]52015-09-04GG-FridayGG-Friday
    [Earring of Insulting Blows]12015-08-23GG-SundayGG-Sunday
    [Malevolent Leather Gauntlets]12015-08-02GG-SundayGG-Sunday
    [Resilient Malicious Symbol]12015-08-02GG-SundayGG-Sunday
    [Malevolent Cloth Bracers]12015-07-10GG-FridayGG-Friday
    [Soul Scorchers]152015-07-03GG-FridayGG-Friday
    [Essence of War] 12015-06-14GG-SundayGG-Sunday
    [Malevolent Cloth Pants]252015-06-14GG-SundayGG-Sunday
    [Bonecaster's Focus Crystal]12015-06-14GG-SundayGG-Sunday
    [Core of the Fanatic]12015-06-14GG-SundayGG-Sunday
    [Ranged Pattern]12015-06-12GG-FridayGG-Friday
    [Core of the Fanatic]102015-05-31GG-SundayGG-Sunday
    [Crimson Rumsoaked Cloth Pantaloons]252015-05-31GG-SundayGG-Sunday
    [Rumsoaked Crimson Headgear]12015-05-24GG-SundayGG-Sunday
    [Malevolent Robe]252015-05-24GG-SundayGG-Sunday
    [Malevolent Cloth Shoes]252015-04-26GG-SundayGG-Sunday
    [Red Malice Converstion Stone]12015-04-26GG-SundayGG-Sunday
    [Torque of Linked Strength]252015-04-26GG-SundayGG-Sunday
    [Norrath's Galley Jack]102015-04-19GG - SundayGG-Sunday
    [Packed Red Malice Gemstone]12015-04-19GG - SundayGG-Sunday
    [Malevolent Cloth Gloves]12015-04-17GG - FridayGG-Friday
    [Packed Red Malice Gemstone]102015-04-17GG - FridayGG-Friday
    [Ring of Vicious Death]252015-04-12GG - SundayGG-Sunday
    [Packed Red Malice Gemstone]102015-04-12GG - SundayGG-Sunday
    [Discering Malicous Symbol]12015-04-12GG - SundayGG-Sunday
    [Raider's Sacred Salty Chain]12015-04-12GG - SundayGG-Sunday
    [Packed Red Malice Gemstone]52015-03-29GG - SundayGG-Sunday
    [Malevolent Cloth Gloves]12015-03-08GG-SundayGG-Sunday
    [depraved idol of solitary]252015-03-06GG-FridayGG-Friday
    [Essence of War] 12015-03-06GG-FridayGG-Friday
    [Malevolent Cloth Mantle]252015-03-01GG-SundayGG-Sunday
    [Raider's Sacred Salty Chain]12015-02-22GG-SundayGG-Sunday
    [Saltstained Belt]12015-02-22GG-SundayGG-Sunday
    [Packed Red Malice Gemstone]252015-02-15GG - SundayGG-Sunday
    [Malevolent Cloth Gloves]12015-02-13GG-FridayGG-Friday
    [Malevolent Cowl]112015-02-08GG-SundayGG-Sunday
    [Saltstained Belt]12015-02-08GG-SundayGG-Sunday
    [Malevolent Cloth Shoes]252015-02-06GG-FridayGG-Friday
    [Malevolent Cloth Gloves]12015-02-01GG-SundayGG-Sunday
    [Corsair's Cognate Clutch]252015-01-16GG-FridayGG-Friday
    [Belt of the Ethernal]12015-01-11GG-SundayGG-Sunday
    [Vampirism III (Master)]52015-01-11GG-SundayGG-Sunday
    [Blighted Horde VII (Master)]102014-12-05GG - FridayGG-Friday
    [Item]252014-10-12GG - Sunday GG-Sunday
    [Ethertouched Cloth Mantle] 12014-10-12GG - Sunday GG-Sunday
    [Undying Ethertouched Rune Pattern]12014-10-12GG - Sunday GG-Sunday
    [Ethertouched Cloth Shoes]12014-10-12GG - Sunday GG-Sunday
    [Shining Red Gemstone]252014-10-12GG - Sunday GG-Sunday
    [Sontalak's Claws]12014-09-21GG - Sunday GG-Sunday
    [Fractured Red Gemstone] 102014-09-19GG - FridayGG-Friday
    [Legionnaires' Earring of Coutnermoves]252014-09-19GG - FridayGG-Friday
    [Ethertouched Leather Mantle] 32014-09-19GG - FridayGG-Friday
    [Ethertouched Cloth Bracers] 252014-08-31GG - Sunday GG-Sunday
    [Foundations of Adamant]12014-08-29GG - FridayGG-Friday
    [Runic Ring of Stone]12014-08-24GG - SundayGG-Sunday
    [Legionnaires' Earring of the Charonmage]12014-08-24GG - SundayGG-Sunday
    [Sontalak's Claws]12014-08-22GG - FridayGG-Friday
    [Item]12014-08-10GG - Sunday GG-Sunday
    [Ethrertouched Cloth Pants]12014-07-06GG - SundayGG-Sunday
    [Fractured Red Gemstone] 252014-07-06GG - SundayGG-Sunday
    [Dessicated Deathguard Cloth Gloves]12014-06-27GG - Friday GG-Friday
    [Ethertouched Cloth Gloves]102014-06-20GG - FridayGG-Friday
    [Custodian's Runic Wand]12014-06-06GG - FridayGG-Friday
    [Wild Ethertouched Rune Pattern]252014-05-18GG - Sunday GG-Sunday
    [Ethertouched Cloak] 12014-04-13GG - Sunday GG-Sunday
    [Fabled Lightning Swift Trinket]12014-04-13GG - Sunday GG-Sunday
    [Rune: Crit Bonus]12014-03-23GG - Sunday GG-Sunday
    [Shard of Cornering]52014-03-23GG - Sunday GG-Sunday
    [Tranquil Spirit]12014-03-23GG - Sunday GG-Sunday
    [Item]252014-03-09GG - SundayGG-Sunday
    [Ethertouched Cloth Mantle] 252014-02-07GG - FridayGG-Friday
    [Undying Ethertouched Rune Pattern]252014-02-07GG - FridayGG-Friday
    [Ethertouched Cowl]12014-02-07GG - FridayGG-Friday
    [Ethertouched Cloth Shoes]252013-11-22GG - FridayGG-Friday
    [Reliquary of Enslaved Souls]12013-11-03GG - SundayGG-Sunday
    [Wrapped Belt of Servered PActs]12013-11-03GG - SundayGG-Sunday
    [Robes of the Baleful Soul]252013-10-27GG - SundayGG-Sunday
    [Enscribed Earring of the Crazed]12013-10-04GG - FridayGG-Friday
    [Belt of the Hendin Shadow Savant]12013-09-29GG - SundayGG-Sunday
    [Item]12013-08-25GG - Sunday GG-Sunday
    [Ruin] 12013-05-12GG - SundayGG-Sunday
    [Cuffs of harnessed souls]12013-05-10GG - FridayGG-Friday
    [Rack]12013-04-07GG - SundayGG-Sunday
    [Gehein Soul-Touched Mantle]12013-04-07GG - SundayGG-Sunday
    [Wandering Cloak of the Dead]12013-03-20GG - SundayGG-Sunday
    [Spectral Orb of the Wail]52013-03-17GG - SundayGG-Sunday
    [Wristcuffs of Harnessed Souls]12013-02-24GG - Sunday92+ Sullon's Spire HM
    [Primal Robe]12013-02-17GG - Sunday 92+ Sullon's Spire HM
    [Signet Ring of the Soul]12013-02-03GG - Sunday95+ Chains of Eternity
    [Empyream Cipher]12013-02-01GG - Friday95+ Chains of Eternity
    [Wristlet of Uncontrollable Emotions]252013-01-27GG - Sunday 95+ Chains of Eternity
    [Spiked Staff o Masked Fright]52013-01-20GG - Sunday95+ Chains of Eternity
    [Crown of the Soul Bastion]102013-01-18GG - Friday 95+ Chains of Eternity
    [Mantle of the Shiverback King]252013-01-13GG - Sunday 95+ Chains of Eternity
    [Enscribed Earring of the Crazed]252013-01-06GG - Sunday95+ Chains of Eternity
    [Sandals of the Forlorn]252013-01-04GG - Friday95+ Chains of Eternity
    [Ring of the Forlorn]252012-12-16GG - Sunday 95+ Chains of Eternity
    [Samhain Fear-touched Gloves]102012-11-30GG - Friday92+ Sullon's Spire HM
    [Threaded Drakizite-Studded Gloves of the Underdepths]12012-11-1192+ GG - Underdepths (Sunday) 92+ Betrayal of the Underdepths
    [Grand Time Etched Woven Sleeves]252012-11-0492+ GG - Underdepths (Sunday) 90+ Underfoot Depths, The Hole
    [Threaded Drakizite-Studded Gloves]52012-10-1992+ GG Sollan Spire HM (Friday) 92+ Sullon's Spire HM
    [Exhumer's Dagger of the Underdepths]12012-10-1492+ GG - Underdepths (Sunday) 92+ Betrayal of the Underdepths
    [Arbiter's Silvery Dagger of Exacting]12012-10-0792+ GG - Underdepths (Sunday) 90+ Underfoot Depths, The Hole
    [Exhumer's Dagger of the Underdepths]12012-10-0792+ GG - Underdepths (Sunday) 90+ Underfoot Depths, The Hole
    [Grand Time Etched Woven Sleeves]12012-10-0792+ GG - Underdepths (Sunday) 90+ Underfoot Depths, The Hole
    [cloak of the drakinoxx exalted]12012-09-2392+ GG - Sevalak Awakened (Sunday) 90-92+ Dracur Prime: Sevalak Awakened
    [Sinew-Wrapped Choker of Theldek]12012-09-1692+ GG - Sevalak Awakened (Sunday) 90-92+ Dracur Prime: Sevalak Awakened
    [Dozekar's Disciple's Belt of Honor]52012-09-1692+ GG - Sevalak Awakened (Sunday) 90-92+ Dracur Prime: Sevalak Awakened
    [Wand of Dracurian Projection]12012-09-1492+ GG Sollan Spire HM (Friday) 92+ Sullon's Spire HM
    [Dracurian Legion's Waistwrap]52012-09-0992+ GG - Sevalak Awakened (Sunday) 90-92+ Dracur Prime: Sevalak Awakened
    [Ikatiar's cloak of Reality]12012-09-0992+ GG - Sevalak Awakened (Sunday) 90-92+ Dracur Prime: Sevalak Awakened
    [Battered Bracelet of Balor]12012-08-3192+ GG Sollan Spire HM (Friday92+ Sullon's Spire HM
    [Dominant Strap of Deep Meditation]12012-08-24GG Sollan Spire HM (Friday) 92+ Sullon's Spire HM
    [Belkreiz Blazeclaw's Severed Golem Head]12012-08-1992+ GG - Sevalak Awakened (Sunday) 92+ Sullon's Spire HM
    [Threaded Drakizite-Studded Cuffs of the Underdepths]252012-08-17GG - 92+ Underdepths-(Friday)92+ Betrayal of the Underdepths
    [Bonded Drakizite-Studded Boots of the Underdepths]12012-07-2292+ GG - Sevalak Awakened (Sunday)90-92+ Dracur Prime: Sevalak Awakened
    [Summoner's bracelet of the ancient sentinal]12012-07-2292+ GG - Sevalak Awakened (Sunday)90-92+ Dracur Prime: Sevalak Awakened
    [Bonded Drakizie-Studded Glovees of the Underdepths]12012-07-2292+ GG - Sevalak Awakened (Sunday)90-92+ Dracur Prime: Sevalak Awakened
    [Radiant Pearl of Dracurian Legions]12012-07-1592+ GG - Sevalak Awakened (Sunday) 90-92+ Dracur Prime: Sevalak Awakened
    [Gemmed Wristlet of the Dragonkin]52012-06-15GG Sollan Spire HM (Friday) 92+ Sullon's Spire HM
    [Cloak of Kromzek Furiousness] 12012-04-15Tallon's (270 CChance) Sunday90+ Tallon's
    [Enraging Wand of Sullon Zek]12012-04-13Sullon's Spire (270 CChance) Friday 90+ Tallon's
    [Idol of the Fodder Summoner]12012-04-06Sullon's Spire (270 CChance) Friday 90+ Sullon's Spire
    [Hoop of Charged Air] 252012-03-25Grenricks Hall of Legends HM (Sunday) 90+ Hall of Legends
    [Warborne Shoes]252012-03-23Sullon's Spire (155 CM, 270 CChance) Friday90+ Sullon's Spire
    [Frosted Scale of Eirreen the Broken] 12012-03-18Sullon's Spire (155 CM, 270 CChance) Sunday 90+ Sullon's Spire
    [Hoop of Savage Gashing]12012-03-17The Icy Keep 9:00 - 11:00am(Saturday) Vigilant: Final Destruction (x2)
    [Zekiam Blood Ruby]12012-03-17The Icy Keep 9:00 - 11:00am(Saturday) Vigilant: Final Destruction (x2)
    [Warborne Bands]252012-03-09Sullon's Spire (155 CM, 270 CChance) Friday90+ Sullon's Spire
    [Drape of Paroxysm]12012-01-29Grenricks Hall of Legends (Sunday) 90+ Hall of Legends
    [Focused Symblol of Rime]12011-12-11Grenricks Kraytoc's Fortress (Sunday) 90+ Kraytoc's Fortress
    [Taaltak's Staff of Control] 12011-12-11Grenricks Kraytoc's Fortress (Sunday) 90+ Kraytoc's Fortress
    [Wand of the Zekian Idol]52011-12-04Grenricks Hall of Legends (Sunday) 90+ Hall of Legends
    [Taaltak's Staff of Control] 12011-11-13Grenricks Kraytoc's Fortress Hard Mode (Sunday) 90+ Kraytoc's Fortress
    [Gore-Imbued Epaulets] 12011-11-04Grenricks Foudations of Stones (Friday) 90+ Foudations of Stones
    [Gore-Imbued Leggings] 252011-11-04Grenricks Foudations of Stones (Friday) 90+ Foudations of Stones
    [Cloak of Anger and Fury] 12011-11-04Grenricks Foudations of Stones (Friday) 90+ Foudations of Stones
    [Gore=-Imbued Hood]502011-10-21Grenricks Hall of Legends (Friday) 90+ Hall of Legends
    [Ring of the Imperium] 12011-10-0290+ Palace then Kraytoc's90+ The Palace of Roehn Theer
    [Chains of Torment VII (Master)]12011-09-30Grenricks Hall of Legends (Friday)90+ Hall of Legends
    [Cloak of Anger and Fury] 12011-09-25Grenricks Foudations of Stones (Sunday) 90+ Foudations of Stones
    [Hoop of Searing War] 12011-09-25Grenricks Foudations of Stones (Sunday) 90+ Foudations of Stones
    [War Rune: Torrent of Rime] 12011-09-18Grenricks Hall of Legends (Sunday)90+ Kraytoc's Fortress
    [Cold Pressed Girdle] 12011-09-18Grenricks Hall of Legends (Sunday)90+ Kraytoc's Fortress
    [Necklace of the Fiery Vortex] 62011-09-04Grenricks Foudations of Stones (Sunday) 90+ Foudations of Stones
    [Incorruptible Kromzek Earring] 12011-09-04Grenricks Foudations of Stones (Sunday) 90+ Foudations of Stones
    [Shoulderpads of the Black Death] 12011-08-28Grenricks Kraytoc's Fortress (Sunday) 90+ Kraytoc's Fortress
    [Distilled Mana]22011-08-28Grenricks Kraytoc's Fortress (Sunday) 90+ Kraytoc's Fortress
    [Flain of Zealous Blasting]102011-08-28Grenricks Kraytoc's Fortress (Sunday) 90+ Kraytoc's Fortress
    [Mounted Icegemmed Band] 32011-08-21Grenricks Kraytoc's Fortress (Sunday)90+ Kraytoc's Fortress
    [Grasping Bones VI (Master)]12011-08-14Grenricks Hall of Legends (Sunday)90+ Hall of Legends
    [Gore-Imbued Bands] 52011-08-12Grenricks Kraytoc's Fortress (Friday) 90+ Kraytoc's Fortress
    [War Run: Steadfast Defiance]102011-07-29Grenricks Kraytoc's Fortress (Friday) 90+ Kraytoc's Fortress
    [Pandemic VIII (Master)]12011-07-22Grenricks Kraytoc's Fortress (Friday) 90+ Kraytoc's Fortress
    [Soul Siphoned Earstulls]12011-07-01Grenricks TOFS x2 (Friday) (Two Raids or more)90+ Tower of Frozen Shadow X2
    [Corpsmonger Youthful Concoction]12011-07-01Grenricks TOFS x2 (Friday) (Two Raids or more)90+ Tower of Frozen Shadow X2
    [Earhoop of Waiting]12011-07-01Grenricks TOFS x2 (Friday) (Two Raids or more)90+ Tower of Frozen Shadow X2

    Raid History

    Raid Name Raid Date Earned
    BGA Sunday Raid2021-09-265
    BGA Friday Raid2021-09-245
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2021-09-125
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2021-09-105
    Optional Friday, Precarious Lashing Run2021-09-035
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2021-08-295
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2021-08-275
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2021-08-225
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2021-08-205
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2021-08-155
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2021-08-135
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2021-08-085
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2021-08-065
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2021-08-015
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2021-07-305
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2021-07-165
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2021-07-095
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2021-07-025
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2021-06-255
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2021-06-185
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2021-06-115
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2021-05-285
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2021-05-215
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2021-05-145
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2021-04-235
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2021-02-195
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2021-02-145
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2021-02-055
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2021-01-315
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2021-01-295
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2021-01-225
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2021-01-175
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2021-01-105
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2021-01-085
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST2021-01-035
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2020-12-065
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2020-12-045
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2020-11-205
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST Beta test or shards2020-11-155
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST2020-11-135
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2020-11-085
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2020-11-065
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2020-11-015
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2020-10-305
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2020-10-255
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2020-10-235
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2020-10-185
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2020-10-165
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2020-10-115
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2020-10-095
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2020-09-275
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2020-09-255
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2020-09-205
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2020-09-185
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2020-09-135
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2020-09-115
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2020-09-065
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2020-09-045
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2020-08-305
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2020-08-285
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2020-08-235
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2020-08-215
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2020-08-165
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2020-08-145
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2020-08-095
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2020-08-075
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2020-08-025
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2020-07-315
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2020-07-265
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2020-07-245
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2020-07-195
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2020-07-175
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2020-07-125
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2020-07-105
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2020-07-035
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2020-06-215
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2020-06-195
    GG-Wednesday 6:00 PM PST2020-06-175
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2020-06-145
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2020-06-125
    GG-Wednesday 6:00 PM PST2020-06-105
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2020-06-075
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2020-06-055
    GG-Wednesday 6:00 PM PST2020-06-035
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2020-05-315
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2020-05-295
    GG-Wednesday 6:00 PM PST2020-05-275
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2020-05-245
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2020-05-225
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2020-05-175
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2020-05-155
    GG-Wednesday 6:00 PM PST2020-05-135
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2020-05-085
    GG-Wednesday 6:00 PM PST2020-05-065
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2020-05-035
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2020-05-015
    GG-Wednesday 6:00 PM PST2020-04-295
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2020-04-265
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2020-04-245
    GG-Wednesday 6:00 PM PST2020-04-225
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2020-04-195
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2020-04-175
    GG-Wednesday 6:00 PM PST2020-04-155
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2020-04-125
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2020-04-105
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2020-04-055
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2020-04-035
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2020-03-275
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2020-03-225
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2020-03-155
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2020-03-135
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2020-03-085
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2020-03-065
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2020-03-015
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2020-02-285
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2020-02-235
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2020-02-215
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2020-02-165
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2020-02-145
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2020-02-095
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2020-02-075
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2020-01-315
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2020-01-125
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2020-01-105
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST Level 120 Required 2020-01-055
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST Level 120 Required 2020-01-035
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST Meeting/Group Run? 2019-12-085
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST Meeting/Group Run?2019-12-065
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2019-11-035
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2019-11-015
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2019-10-275
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2019-10-255
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2019-10-205
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2019-10-185
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2019-10-065
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2019-10-045
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2019-09-295
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2019-09-275
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2019-09-225
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2019-09-205
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2019-09-155
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2019-09-135
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2019-09-085
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2019-09-065
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2019-09-015
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2019-08-305
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2019-08-255
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2019-08-235
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2019-08-185
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2019-08-165
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2019-08-115
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2019-08-095
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2019-08-045
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2019-08-025
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2019-07-285
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2019-07-265
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2019-07-215
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2019-07-195
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2019-07-075
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2019-06-305
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2019-06-285
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2019-06-235
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2019-06-215
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2019-06-145
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2019-06-095
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2019-06-075
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2019-06-025
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2019-05-315
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2019-05-265
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2019-05-245
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2019-05-195
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2019-05-175
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2019-05-105
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2019-05-035
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2019-04-285
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2019-04-265
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2019-04-195
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2019-04-145
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2019-04-125
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2019-04-075
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2019-04-055
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2019-03-315
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2019-03-295
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2019-03-245
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2019-03-225
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2019-03-175
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2019-03-155
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2019-03-105
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST2019-03-085
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2019-03-035
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST2019-03-015
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2019-02-245
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST2019-02-225
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2019-02-175
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST2019-02-155
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2019-02-105
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST2019-02-085
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2019-02-035
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST2019-02-015
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2019-01-275
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST2019-01-185
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST2019-01-115
    GG - Sunday2019-01-065
    GG - Friday 2018-12-145
    GG-Friday 2018-11-305
    GG-Sunday (Talk/Heroic)2018-11-185
    GG-Friday (Talk/Heroic)2018-11-165
    GG-Friday 2018-10-195
    GG Sunday2018-09-235
    GG Friday2018-09-215
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2018-09-165
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2018-09-145
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2018-09-095
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2018-09-075
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2018-09-025
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2018-08-315
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2018-08-265
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2018-08-245
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2018-08-195
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2018-08-175
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2018-08-125
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2018-08-105
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2018-08-055
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2018-08-035
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2018-07-295
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2018-07-275
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2018-07-225
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2018-07-205
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2018-07-155
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2018-07-085
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2018-07-065
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2018-07-015
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2018-06-295
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2018-06-245
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2018-06-225
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2018-06-175
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2018-06-155
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2018-06-105
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2018-06-085
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2018-06-035
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2018-06-015
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2018-05-275
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2018-05-255
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2018-05-205
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2018-05-185
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST2018-05-065
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST2018-05-045
    GG - Sunday2017-12-175
    GG - Friday 2017-12-155
    GG - Sunday2017-12-105
    GG - Friday 2017-12-085
    GG - Friday 2017-09-015
    GG - Sunday2017-08-275
    GG - Friday 2017-08-255
    GG - Sunday2017-08-205
    GG - Friday 2017-08-185
    GG - Sunday2017-08-135
    GG - Friday 2017-08-115
    GG - Sunday2017-08-065
    GG - Friday 2017-07-285
    GG - Sunday (Fathers Day)2017-06-185
    GG - Sunday2017-05-285
    GG - Friday 2017-05-265
    GG - Friday 2017-05-125
    GG - Friday 2017-05-055
    GG - Sunday2017-04-235
    GG - Friday 2017-04-215
    GG - Sunday2017-04-165
    GG - Friday 2017-04-145
    GG - Sunday2017-04-095
    GG - Friday 2017-04-075
    GG - Friday 2017-03-315
    GG - Sunday2017-02-055
    GG-Friday 2017-01-065
    GG-Friday 2016-12-165
    GG-Friday 2016-12-095
    GG-Friday 2016-12-025
    GG - Sunday2016-09-115
    GG - Friday2016-09-095
    GG - Friday 2016-09-025
    GG - Sunday2016-08-285
    GG - Friday2016-08-265
    GG - Sunday2016-08-215
    GG - Friday2016-08-195
    GG - Sunday2016-08-075
    GG - Sunday2016-07-315
    GG - Sunday2016-07-035
    GG - Sunday2016-06-265
    GG - Friday2016-06-245
    GG - Sunday2016-06-055
    GG - Sunday2016-05-295
    GG - Sunday2016-05-225
    GG - Friday2016-05-205
    GG - Sunday2016-04-245
    GG - Friday2016-04-225
    GG - Friday2016-04-155
    GG - Sunday2016-04-105
    GG - Friday2016-04-085
    GG - Sunday2016-04-035
    GG - Friday2016-04-015
    GG - Friday2016-03-255
    GG - Sunday2016-03-205
    GG - Friday2016-03-185
    GG - Sunday2016-01-105
    GG - Friday2016-01-085
    GG - Sunday2015-12-135
    GG - Sunday2015-11-225
    GG - Friday2015-11-205
    GG - Sunday2015-11-155
    GG - Friday2015-11-065
    GG - Sunday2015-11-015
    GG - Friday2015-10-305
    GG - Sunday2015-08-095
    GG - Sunday2015-07-265
    GG - Sunday2015-07-125
    GG - Sunday2015-07-055
    GG-Friday 2015-05-155
    GG - Sunday2015-04-195
    GG - Friday2015-04-175
    GG - Sunday2015-04-125
    GG - Sunday2015-03-295
    GG - Sunday2015-02-155
    GG - Sunday2014-12-145
    GG - Friday2014-12-125
    GG - Sunday2014-12-075
    GG - Friday2014-12-055
    GG - Sunday Raid Meeting2014-11-235
    GG - Friday Raid Meeting2014-11-215
    GG - Sunday 2014-10-125
    GG - Friday2014-10-105
    GG - Sunday2014-10-055
    GG - Friday2014-10-035
    GG - Sunday 2014-09-215
    GG - Friday2014-09-195
    GG - Sunday2014-09-145
    GG - Friday2014-09-125
    GG - Sunday 2014-09-075
    GG - Friday2014-09-055
    GG - Sunday 2014-08-315
    GG - Friday2014-08-295
    GG - Sunday2014-08-245
    GG - Friday2014-08-225
    GG - Friday2014-08-155
    GG - Sunday 2014-08-105
    GG - Friday2014-08-085
    GG - Sunday2014-07-135
    GG - Friday2014-07-115
    GG - Sunday2014-07-065
    GG - Sunday 2014-06-295
    GG - Friday 2014-06-275
    GG - Sunday 2014-06-225
    GG - Friday2014-06-205
    GG - Friday2014-06-135
    GG - Friday2014-06-065
    GG - Sunday 2014-05-185
    GG - Friday2014-05-165
    GG - Sunday2014-04-275
    GG - Friday2014-04-255
    GG - Sunday 2014-04-135
    GG - Friday2014-03-285
    GG - Sunday 2014-03-235
    GG - Friday 2014-03-215
    GG - Sunday2014-03-095
    GG - Friday2014-02-075
    GG - Friday2014-01-315
    GG - Sunday2014-01-055
    GG - Friday2014-01-035
    GG - Sunday2013-12-155
    GG - Friday2013-12-135
    GG - Sunday2013-12-085
    GG - Friday2013-12-065
    GG - Sunday2013-11-245
    GG - Friday2013-11-225
    GG - Sunday2013-11-175
    GG - Friday2013-11-155
    GG - Friday2013-11-085
    GG - Sunday2013-11-035
    GG - Friday2013-11-015
    GG - Sunday2013-10-275
    GG - Friday2013-10-255
    GG - Sunday2013-10-065
    GG - Friday2013-10-045
    GG - Sunday2013-09-295
    GG - Friday2013-09-275
    GG - Sunday 2013-08-255
    Faydark - Wednesday 2013-05-290
    GG - Friday2013-05-175
    Faydark - Wednesday 2013-05-150
    GG - Sunday2013-05-125
    GG - Friday2013-05-105
    Faydark - Wednesday2013-05-080
    Faydark - Wednesday2013-05-010
    GG - Sunday2013-04-285
    GG - Friday2013-04-265
    Faydark - Wednesday 2013-04-240
    Faydark - Wednesday2013-04-170
    GG - Sunday2013-04-145
    GG - Friday2013-04-125
    Faydark - Wednesday2013-04-100
    GG - Sunday2013-04-075
    Faydark - Wednesday 2013-04-030
    Faydark - Wednesday2013-03-270
    GG - Sunday2013-03-245
    GG - Friday2013-03-225
    Faydark - Wednesday2013-03-200
    GG - Sunday2013-03-175
    GG - Friday2013-03-015
    GG - Sunday2013-02-245
    GG - Friday 2013-02-225
    GG - Sunday 2013-02-175
    GG - Friday2013-02-155
    GG - Sunday2013-02-105
    GG - Friday 2013-02-085
    GG - Sunday2013-02-035
    GG - Friday2013-02-015
    GG - Sunday 2013-01-275
    GG - Friday 2013-01-255
    GG - Sunday2013-01-205
    GG - Friday 2013-01-185
    GG - Sunday 2013-01-135
    GG - Friday2013-01-115
    GG - Sunday2013-01-065
    GG - Friday2013-01-045
    GG - Sunday 2012-12-165
    GG - Friday 2012-12-145
    GG - Sunday 2012-12-095
    GG - Friday 2012-12-075
    GG - Sunday2012-12-025
    GG - Friday2012-11-305
    92+ GG - Underdepths (Sunday) 2012-11-115
    92+ GG Sollan Spire HM (Friday) 2012-11-095
    92+ GG - Underdepths (Sunday) 2012-11-045
    92+ GG Sollan Spire HM (Friday) 2012-11-025
    92+ GG - Underdepths (Sunday) 2012-10-285
    92+ GG Sollan Spire HM (Friday) 2012-10-265
    92+ GG - Underdepths (Sunday) 2012-10-215
    92+ GG Sollan Spire HM (Friday) 2012-10-195
    92+ GG - Underdepths (Sunday) 2012-10-145
    92+ GG Sollan Spire HM (Friday 2012-10-125
    92+ GG - Underdepths (Sunday) 2012-10-075
    92+ GG Sollan Spire HM (Friday) 2012-10-055
    92+ GG - Sevalak Awakened (Sunday)2012-09-305
    92+ GG - Sevalak Awakened (Sunday) 2012-09-235
    92+ GG Sollan Spire HM (Friday)2012-09-215
    92+ GG - Sevalak Awakened (Sunday) 2012-09-165
    92+ GG Sollan Spire HM (Friday) 2012-09-145
    92+ GG - Sevalak Awakened (Sunday) 2012-09-095
    92+ GG Sollan Spire HM (Friday)2012-09-075
    92+ GG Sollan Spire HM (Friday2012-08-315
    92+ GG - Sevalak Awakened (Sunday) 2012-08-265
    GG Sollan Spire HM (Friday) 2012-08-245
    92+ GG - Sevalak Awakened (Sunday) 2012-08-195
    GG - 92+ Underdepths-(Friday)2012-08-175
    92+ GG - Sevalak Awakened (Sunday)2012-08-125
    GG Sollan Spire HM (Friday)2012-08-105
    GG - 92+ Underdepths-(Friday)2012-07-275
    92+ GG - Sevalak Awakened (Sunday)2012-07-225
    GG - 92+ Underdepths-(Friday) 2012-07-205
    92+ GG - Sevalak Awakened (Sunday) 2012-07-155
    GG - 92+ Underdepths-(Friday) 2012-07-135
    92+ GG - Sevalak Awakened (Sunday) 2012-07-085
    GG - 92+ Underdepths-(Friday)2012-07-065
    92+ GG - Sevalak Awakened (Sunday)2012-07-015
    GG - 92+ Underdepths-(Friday) 2012-06-295
    GG-92+ Dracur Prime: Sevalak Awakened (Sunday)2012-06-245
    GG Sollan Spire HM (Friday) 2012-06-225
    GG - 92+ Underdepths-(Sunday) 2012-06-175
    GG Sollan Spire HM (Friday) 2012-06-155
    GG Underdepths-Sunday 2012-06-035
    GG - 92+ Underdepths-(Friday)2012-06-015
    GG - 92+ Underdepths-(Friday) 2012-05-115
    GG-90-92+ Dracur Prime: Sevalak Awakened (Sunday) 2012-05-065
    90-92+ Dracur Prime: Sevalak Awakened2012-04-275
    Tallon's (270 CChance) Sunday2012-04-155
    Sullon's Spire (270 CChance) Friday 2012-04-135
    Sullon's Spire (270 CChance) Friday 2012-04-065
    Sullon's Spire (270 CChance) Sunday2012-04-015
    ToFS X2 2 Raids (Sunday) 9-11AM 2012-04-015
    Grenricks Hall of Legends HM (Friday) 2012-03-305
    Grenricks Hall of Legends HM (Sunday) 2012-03-255
    Sullon's Spire (155 CM, 270 CChance) Friday2012-03-235
    Sullon's Spire (155 CM, 270 CChance) Sunday 2012-03-185
    The Icy Keep 9:00 - 11:00am(Saturday) 2012-03-175
    Grenricks Hall of Legends (Sunday)2012-03-115
    ToFS X2 2 Raids (Sunday) 9-11AM2012-03-115
    Sullon's Spire (155 CM, 270 CChance) Friday2012-03-095
    Grenricks Kraytoc's Fortress HM (Sunday) 2012-03-045
    Sullon's Spire (155 CM, 270 CChance) Friday 2012-03-025
    Sullon's Spire (155 CM, 270 CChance) 2012-02-265
    ToFS X2 2 Raids (Sunday) 9-11AM 2012-02-265
    Grenricks Kraytoc's Fortress HM (Friday)2012-02-245
    Grenricks Hall of Legends (Sunday) 2012-02-195
    Sullon's Spire (155 CM, 270 CChance) 2012-02-175
    Grenricks Kraytoc's Fortress HM (Friday) 2012-02-105
    Sullon's Spire (155 CM, 270 CChance) 2012-02-055
    Grenricks Hall of Legends (Friday) 2012-02-035
    Grenricks Hall of Legends (Sunday) 2012-01-295
    Sullon's Spire (155 CM, 270 CChance) 2012-01-275
    Grenricks Hall of Legends (Friday)2012-01-205
    Grenricks Kraytoc's Fortress (Sunday) 2012-01-085
    Grenricks Kraytoc's Fortress (Sunday) 2011-12-115
    Grenricks Foundations of Stone (Friday) 2011-12-095
    Grenricks Hall of Legends (Sunday) 2011-12-045
    Grenricks Kraytoc's Fortress Hard Mode (Friday) 2011-12-025
    Grenricks Hall of Legends (Sunday) 2011-11-205
    Grenricks Foundations of Stone (Friday) 2011-11-185
    Grenricks Kraytoc's Fortress Hard Mode (Sunday) 2011-11-135
    Grenricks Kraytoc's Fortress (Sunday) 2011-11-065
    Grenricks Foudations of Stones (Friday) 2011-11-045
    ToFS X2 2 Raids (Sunday)2011-10-305
    Grenricks Foudations of Stones (Sunday) 2011-10-235
    Grenricks Hall of Legends (Friday) 2011-10-215
    Grenricks Hall of Legends (Sunday) 2011-10-165
    Grenricks Hall of Legends (Friday)2011-10-145
    Grenricks Hall of Legends (Friday) 2011-10-075
    90+ Palace then Kraytoc's2011-10-025
    Grenricks Hall of Legends (Friday)2011-09-305
    Grenricks Foudations of Stones (Sunday) 2011-09-255
    Grenricks Kraytoc's Fortress (Friday) 2011-09-235
    Grenricks Hall of Legends (Sunday)2011-09-185
    Grenricks Foudations of Stones (Friday)2011-09-165
    Grenricks Hall of Legends (Friday)2011-09-095
    Grenricks Foudations of Stones (Sunday) 2011-09-045
    Mage Training Class (Sunday) 2011-09-045
    Grenricks Kraytoc's Fortress (Sunday) 2011-08-285
    Grenricks Foudations of Stones (Friday)2011-08-265
    Grenricks Kraytoc's Fortress (Sunday)2011-08-215
    Grenricks Hall of Legends (Friday) 2011-08-195
    Grenricks Hall of Legends (Sunday)2011-08-145
    Grenricks Kraytoc's Fortress (Friday) 2011-08-125
    Grenricks Hall of Legends (Friday) 2011-08-055
    Grenricks Kraytoc's Fortress (Friday) 2011-07-295
    Grenricks Kraytoc's Fortress (Friday) 2011-07-225
    Grenricks Kraytoc's Fortress (Friday) 2011-07-085
    Grenricks TOFS x2 (Friday) (Two Raids or more)2011-07-015

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    Attendance By Event

    Event Name Percentage
    20+ City Task A Bold Confrontation (1) 0/0 (0%)
    90+ Foudations of Stones 0/0 (0%)
    90+ Hall of Legends 0/0 (0%)
    90+ Kraytoc's Fortress 0/0 (0%)
    90+ Sullon's Spire 0/0 (0%)
    90+ Tallon's 0/0 (0%)
    90+ The Palace of Roehn Theer 0/0 (0%)
    90+ Tower of Frozen Shadow X2 0/0 (0%)
    90+ Underfoot Depths, The Hole 0/0 (0%)
    90-92+ Dracur Prime: Sevalak Awakened 0/0 (0%)
    92+ Betrayal of the Underdepths 0/0 (0%)
    92+ Sullon's Spire HM 0/0 (0%)
    95+ Chains of Eternity 0/0 (0%)
    BGA-Optional Friday 0/0 (0%)
    Faydark - Wednesday 0/0 (0%)
    GG-Friday 0/0 (0%)
    GG-Sunday 0/0 (0%)
    Mage Training Class 0/0 (0%)
    Vigilant: Final Destruction (x2) 0/0 (0%)


    Date Amount Reason Earned Spent Total
    2018-01-28 17:03:485over 100 resolve and 10m
    2018-01-06 01:28:465157 Resolve short of min
    2017-10-29 19:00:315Friday 10/27 raid5.000.000.00
    2013-11-19 15:01:11239Points Restored239.000.000.00
    2013-06-26 12:07:51239Restore when Return0.00239.000.00
    2011-08-21 14:49:0825fix points25.000.000.00
    2011-08-17 10:55:0925Over point limit0.0025.000.00

    No FB Yes FB Hand (smaller) Lap 40.063em Desk 64.063em Wall 90.063em