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    Current DKP - Grenricks Raid Pool

    Earned Spent Total Last Raid Last 30 Last 60
    1,220.00859.00361.002020-05-150/8 (0%)3/17 (18%)

    Item History

    Item Spent Date Raid Name Event
    [Immoveable Shadowguarded Breastplate of Enlightment]12020-05-10GG-Sunday Noon, PST 20+ City Task A Bold Confrontation (1)
    [Plated Shadstriker's Guantlets of the Enlightenment]12020-05-03GG-Sunday Noon, PST GG-Sunday
    [Decaying Wristlet of the Sands]252020-05-01GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST GG-Friday
    [Decaying Wristlet of the Sands]252020-04-26GG-Sunday Noon, PST GG-Sunday
    [Green Adorment]12020-04-24GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST GG-Friday
    [Mace of Ill Intent]12020-04-19GG-Sunday Noon, PST GG-Sunday
    [Pattern: Empyral Barding of Striking]12020-04-17GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST GG-Friday
    [Azure Pearl Earring]252020-04-12GG-Sunday Noon, PST GG-Sunday
    [Spire Lord's Ire]12020-04-12GG-Sunday Noon, PST GG-Sunday
    [Unsold Blade of Unrealistic Prices]12020-04-12GG-Sunday Noon, PST GG-Sunday
    [Pattern: Shadowed Barding of Power]12020-04-05GG-Sunday Noon, PST GG-Sunday
    [Plate Forarms]12020-03-29GG-Sunday Noon, PST GG-Sunday
    [Crossbow of the Vas Ren Colony]22020-03-22GG-Sunday Noon, PST GG-Sunday
    [Lordly Wall of Seru]12020-03-15GG-Sunday Noon, PST GG-Sunday
    [Empyral Rune: Adamant REsolve]12020-03-13GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST GG-Friday
    [Small Ghoul Sledge]12020-03-13GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST GG-Friday
    [Lord Triskian's Sword of Truth]252020-03-13GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST GG-Friday
    [plate gloves]12020-03-08GG-Sunday Noon, PST GG-Sunday
    [Polished Pearl Subtitute Earring]252020-03-06GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST GG-Sunday
    [Intricately Carved Bone Earhoop]52020-02-23GG-Sunday Noon, PST GG-Sunday
    [Helm]12020-02-16GG-Sunday Noon, PST GG-Sunday
    [item ]12020-02-16GG-Sunday Noon, PST GG-Sunday
    [Bracers Evasion]12020-02-09GG-Sunday Noon, PST GG-Sunday
    [Hhadowborn Barbute Pattern of Enlightenment]12020-02-09GG-Sunday Noon, PST GG-Sunday
    [Empyral Rune: Ascension of Destruction] 252020-02-07GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST GG-Friday
    [Rockhopper's Spiked Smasher]22020-02-07GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST GG-Friday
    [Margog's Hood]12020-01-12GG-Sunday Noon, PST GG-Sunday
    [Spire Lord's Ire]12020-01-10GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST GG-Friday
    [Malign Diaku Armguards]12020-01-03GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST Level 120 Required GG-Friday
    [Llyr, Colossus of Water] 12019-10-27GG-Sunday Noon, PST GG-Sunday
    [Shortspear of the Fire Titan]12019-10-20GG-Sunday Noon, PST GG-Sunday
    [Faal'Armanna's Aeary Wristlet]252019-10-20GG-Sunday Noon, PST GG-Sunday
    [Gintolaken's Spirit of the Earthen Warlord]52019-10-18GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST GG-Friday
    [7th Amulet of Justice]12019-10-06GG-Sunday Noon, PST GG-Sunday
    [Coirnav's Cloak of the Triumvirate]252019-09-29GG-Sunday Noon, PST GG-Sunday
    [CD Armor: Gloves]12019-09-01GG-Sunday Noon, PST GG-Sunday
    [7th Gavel of Justice]252019-09-01GG-Sunday Noon, PST GG-Sunday
    [Vegerogus' Band of the Earthen Titan]102019-08-25GG-Sunday Noon, PST 20+ City Task A Bold Confrontation (1)
    [Planar Longbow of Ascension ]12019-08-25GG-Sunday Noon, PST 20+ City Task A Bold Confrontation (1)
    [Vegerogus' Amulet of the Earthen Titan]252019-08-16GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST GG-Friday
    [Pearl of the Deep]22019-08-16GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST GG-Friday
    [Vegerogus' Blade of the Earthen Titan]12019-08-09GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST GG-Friday
    [Deathless Heartstone Boot Pattern]12019-08-09GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST GG-Friday
    [CD Armor: Helm]102019-08-02GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST GG-Friday
    [Vegrogus' Trinkets of the Earthen Titan]252019-07-28GG-Sunday Noon, PST 20+ City Task A Bold Confrontation (1)
    [Gemstones of the 7th]12019-07-26GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 20+ City Task A Bold Confrontation (1)
    [Faal-Armanna's Aery Crossbow]252019-07-19GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 20+ City Task A Bold Confrontation (1)
    [Faal' Armanna's Plucked Wing]252019-07-14GG-Sunday Noon, PST GG-Sunday
    [Signet of the Aery Queen]52019-07-07GG-Sunday Noon, PST GG-Sunday
    [Enlightened Glimmerstone Glove Pattern]12019-07-07GG-Sunday Noon, PST GG-Sunday
    [CD Armor: Bracer]12019-06-30GG-Sunday Noon, PST GG-Sunday
    [Elysian Barding Pattern of Health]12019-06-28GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST GG-Friday
    [CD Armor: Helm]12019-06-21GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST GG-Friday
    [CD Armor Voucher: Deathless Stoneshaped Boots]12019-06-16GG-Sunday Noon, PST 20+ City Task A Bold Confrontation (1)
    [Llyr, Colossus of Water] 12019-06-16GG-Sunday Noon, PST 20+ City Task A Bold Confrontation (1)
    [Deathless Stoneshaped Shoulder Pattern]12019-06-14GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST GG-Friday
    [General Reparm's Fiery Medal]252019-06-09GG-Sunday Noon, PST GG-Sunday
    [Elysian Barding Patternof Bolstering]12019-06-02GG-Sunday Noon, PST GG-Sunday
    [Reparm's Gorget]12019-06-02GG-Sunday Noon, PST GG-Sunday
    [Spiritstone of the Mud King]12019-06-02GG-Sunday Noon, PST GG-Sunday
    [Deathless Glimmerstone Chest Pattern]12019-05-26GG-Sunday Noon, PST GG-Sunday
    [Deathless Stoneshaped Pant Pattern]12019-05-24GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST GG-Friday
    [Celestial Rune of Expedience] 252019-05-03GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST GG-Friday
    [Enlightened Gemcrafted Pant Pattern]32019-04-28GG-Sunday Noon, PST GG-Sunday
    [Destructive Earthcrafted Boot Pattern]12019-04-28GG-Sunday Noon, PST GG-Sunday
    [Coirnav's Dangling Scale Earring]252019-04-19GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST GG-Friday
    [Celestial Rune: Ascension of Love]12019-04-14GG-Sunday Noon, PST GG-Sunday
    [Vegerogus' Stone Girdle]252019-04-14GG-Sunday Noon, PST GG-Sunday
    [Amulet of Vegerogus]12019-04-07GG-Sunday Noon, PST GG-Sunday
    [Coirnav's Bladed Dagger]252019-03-31GG-Sunday Noon, PST GG-Sunday
    [Deepfathom Ring of Waves]12019-03-24GG-Sunday Noon, PST GG-Sunday
    [ore]12019-03-15GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST GG-Friday
    [Deathless Stonewalker's Boot Pattern]12019-03-08GG-Friday 6:30 PM PSTGG-Friday
    [Cinderbrow Bracelet]12019-03-08GG-Friday 6:30 PM PSTGG-Friday
    [Yozanni's Obsidian Bracelet]12019-03-08GG-Friday 6:30 PM PSTGG-Friday
    [Deathless Earthwalker's Boot Pattern]12019-03-03GG-Sunday Noon, PST GG-Sunday
    [Celestial Rune: Illuminated Bonds]12019-03-03GG-Sunday Noon, PST GG-Sunday
    [Gemmed Ring of the Thief]12019-03-01GG-Friday 6:30 PM PSTGG-Friday
    [Celestial Rune: Firmament of Growth]252019-03-01GG-Friday 6:30 PM PSTGG-Friday
    [Derugoak's Planar Shortbow]252019-02-24GG-Sunday Noon, PST GG-Sunday
    [Stalwart Masterful Stud]252019-02-24GG-Sunday Noon, PST GG-Sunday
    [Deathless Stonewalker's Helm Pattern]12019-02-24GG-Sunday Noon, PST GG-Sunday
    [Deathless Mudwalker's Shoulder]12019-02-22GG-Friday 6:30 PM PSTGG-Friday
    [Windblade's Shroud]12019-02-17GG-Sunday Noon, PST GG-Sunday
    [Deathless Mudwalker's Pant Pattern]12019-02-17GG-Sunday Noon, PST GG-Sunday
    [Deathless Mudwalker's Glove Pattern]12019-02-15GG-Friday 6:30 PM PSTGG-Friday
    [Deathless Mudwalker's Helm Pattern]12019-02-10GG-Sunday Noon, PST GG-Sunday
    [Spiritstone of the Precipice]12019-02-03GG-Sunday Noon, PST GG-Sunday
    [Deathless Mudwalker's Bracer Pattern]12019-02-01GG-Friday 6:30 PM PSTGG-Friday
    [Magmafist's Fiery Necklace]12019-02-01GG-Friday 6:30 PM PSTGG-Friday
    [Arch Mage's 100 Proof Run]12019-02-01GG-Friday 6:30 PM PSTGG-Friday
    [Celestial Rune: Flash Fire] 12019-01-27GG-Sunday Noon, PST GG-Sunday
    [Frogtooth Earring]12019-01-27GG-Sunday Noon, PST GG-Sunday
    [Deathless Mudwalker's Boot Pattern]12019-01-20GG-Sunday Noon, PST 20+ City Task A Bold Confrontation (1)
    [Celestial Rune: Ascension of Life]12019-01-18GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST20+ City Task A Bold Confrontation (1)
    [Longbow of the Earthen Titan]12019-01-13GG-Sunday Noon, PST GG-Sunday
    [Fathomlurker Bone Ring]12019-01-11GG-Friday 6:30 PM PSTGG-Friday
    [Shiny coral Bracelet]12019-01-11GG-Friday 6:30 PM PSTGG-Friday
    [Spiritstone of the Precipice]12019-01-11GG-Friday 6:30 PM PSTGG-Friday
    [CelestialRune: Flash Fire]22019-01-06GG - SundayGG-Sunday
    [Living Ibsidian Flecked Hammer]12019-01-06GG - SundayGG-Sunday
    [Magmaton's Firebloom Earring]12019-01-04GG - Friday GG-Friday
    [Ring from Hate]12018-09-09GG-Sunday Noon, PST 20+ City Task A Bold Confrontation (1)
    [Condensed Wisdom of Planar Armor: Forearms]252018-09-02GG-Sunday Noon, PST GG-Sunday
    [Condensed Wisdom of Planar Armor: Head]12018-09-02GG-Sunday Noon, PST GG-Sunday
    [Crystallized Knowledge of Planar Armor: Feet]252018-08-26GG-Sunday Noon, PST GG-Sunday
    [Condensed Wisdom of Planar Armor: Hands]252018-08-10GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST GG-Friday
    [Spiked Collar of Revenge]12018-06-03GG-Sunday Noon, PST GG-Sunday
    [Bolstered Prototype Longbow]12018-06-01GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST GG-Friday
    [Crystallized Knowledge of Planar Armor: Head]252018-05-06GG-Sunday Noon, PSTGG-Sunday
    [Clockwork Overseer's Torque]12018-04-01GG-SundayGG-Sunday
    [Sourced Plug]12018-03-25GG-SundayGG-Sunday
    [Cord of Siphoned Energy]12018-03-18GG-SundayGG-Sunday
    [Crystallized Knowledge of Planar Armor: Feet]252018-03-16GG-FridayGG-Friday
    [Rotten Boneshard Earring]12018-03-11GG-SundayGG-Sunday
    [Omega Wristguard III]12018-03-04GG-SundayGG-Sunday
    [Sturdy Gearbox Bracelet]12018-03-04GG-SundayGG-Sunday
    [Bolstered Prototype Longbow]12018-02-25GG-SundayGG-Sunday
    [Weathered Hand Coverings]252018-02-16GG-FridayGG-Friday
    [Prototype CChest Coverings]12018-02-09GG-FridayGG-Friday
    [Omega Wristguard X]12018-02-04GG-SundayGG-Sunday
    [astral dominion]12018-02-04GG-SundayGG-Sunday
    [Inoculated Leg Coverings]12018-02-02GG-FridayGG-Friday
    [Bubonic Girdle]12018-01-28GG-Sunday20+ City Task A Bold Confrontation (1)
    [Scintillating Forearm Carvings]12018-01-28GG-Sunday20+ City Task A Bold Confrontation (1)
    [Prototype Arm Coverings]12018-01-26GG-FridayGG-Friday
    [Weathered Foot Coverings]12018-01-26GG-FridayGG-Friday
    [Vermin Signet Ring]12018-01-19GG-FridayGG-Friday
    [Inoculated HeadCoverings]12018-01-14GG-SundayGG-Sunday
    [Xalgozian Wristlet of Blood]12017-10-13GG-FridayGG-Friday
    [Ascending Spectral Mist Chest Pattern]12017-09-08GG-FridayGG-Friday
    [Expert's Wristlet of Powermongering]12017-06-16GG-FridayGG-Friday
    [Expert's Ascending Shoulder Pattern]12017-06-16GG-FridayGG-Friday
    [Expert's Ascending Helm Pattern]12017-06-09GG-FridayGG-Friday
    [Expert's Goo-covered Spiked Earring]12017-06-09GG-FridayGG-Friday
    [Ascending Spectral Mists Gloves Pattern]12017-06-04GG-SundayGG-Sunday
    [The Kly's Masterful Platemail Legguards]12017-06-04GG-SundayGG-Sunday
    [Expert's Skulking Gemmed Band]12017-05-28GG - SundayGG-Sunday
    [Expert's Skulking Neckguard]12017-05-26GG - Friday GG-Friday
    [Expert's Brutish Gorget]12017-05-21GG - SundayGG-Sunday
    [Expert's Heridal's Gardening]12017-05-12GG - Friday GG-Sunday
    [Necklace of Superiority] 12017-04-30GG - SundayGG-Sunday
    [Ascended Mist Feet Pattern]12017-04-16GG - SundayGG-Sunday
    [Stud of Amalgams]12017-04-09GG - SundayGG-Sunday
    [Ascending Helm Pattern]12017-04-07GG - Friday GG-Friday
    [Valigez's Contained Spirit]12017-04-02GG-SundayGG-Sunday
    [Dreamkeeper's Signet Ring]12017-03-31GG - Friday GG-Friday
    [Wristlet of Powermongering]12017-03-26GG-SundayGG-Sunday
    [Stud of Stolen Memories]12017-03-19GG - SundayGG-Sunday
    [Signet of Unrivaled Chaos]12017-03-19GG - SundayGG-Sunday

    Raid History

    Raid Name Raid Date Earned
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2020-05-155
    GG-Wednesday 6:00 PM PST2020-05-135
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2020-05-105
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2020-05-085
    GG-Wednesday 6:00 PM PST2020-05-065
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2020-05-035
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2020-05-015
    GG-Wednesday 6:00 PM PST2020-04-295
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2020-04-265
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2020-04-245
    GG-Wednesday 6:00 PM PST2020-04-225
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2020-04-195
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2020-04-175
    GG-Wednesday 6:00 PM PST2020-04-155
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2020-04-125
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2020-04-105
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2020-04-055
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2020-04-035
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2020-03-295
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2020-03-275
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2020-03-225
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2020-03-205
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2020-03-155
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2020-03-135
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2020-03-085
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2020-03-065
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2020-03-015
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2020-02-235
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2020-02-215
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2020-02-165
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2020-02-145
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2020-02-095
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2020-02-075
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2020-01-315
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2020-01-265
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2020-01-245
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2020-01-195
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2020-01-125
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2020-01-105
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST Level 120 Required 2020-01-055
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST Level 120 Required 2020-01-035
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2019-11-105
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2019-10-275
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2019-10-255
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2019-10-205
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2019-10-185
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2019-10-065
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2019-10-045
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2019-09-295
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2019-09-275
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2019-09-225
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2019-09-205
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2019-09-155
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2019-09-085
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2019-09-065
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2019-09-015
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2019-08-255
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2019-08-165
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2019-08-095
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2019-08-045
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2019-08-025
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2019-07-285
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2019-07-265
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2019-07-195
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2019-07-145
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2019-07-075
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2019-07-055
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2019-06-305
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2019-06-285
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2019-06-215
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2019-06-165
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2019-06-145
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2019-06-095
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2019-06-075
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2019-06-025
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2019-05-265
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2019-05-245
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2019-05-105
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2019-05-055
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2019-05-035
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2019-04-285
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2019-04-195
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2019-04-145
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2019-04-075
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2019-03-315
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2019-03-295
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2019-03-245
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2019-03-225
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2019-03-175
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2019-03-155
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST2019-03-085
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2019-03-035
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST2019-03-015
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2019-02-245
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST2019-02-225
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2019-02-175
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST2019-02-155
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2019-02-105
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2019-02-035
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST2019-02-015
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2019-01-275
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2019-01-205
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST2019-01-185
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2019-01-135
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST2019-01-115
    GG - Sunday2019-01-065
    GG - Friday 2019-01-045
    GG - Sunday2018-12-095
    GG-Friday 2018-11-305
    GG-Sunday (Talk/Heroic)2018-11-185
    GG-Friday (Talk/Heroic)2018-11-165
    GG-Friday 2018-10-195
    GG Sunday2018-10-145
    GG Friday2018-10-125
    GG Friday2018-10-055
    GG Sunday2018-09-305
    GG Friday2018-09-285
    GG Sunday2018-09-235
    GG Friday2018-09-215
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2018-09-165
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2018-09-095
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2018-09-075
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2018-09-025
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2018-08-315
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2018-08-265
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2018-08-245
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2018-08-195
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2018-08-175
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2018-08-125
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2018-08-105
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2018-08-055
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2018-07-295
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2018-07-275
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2018-07-205
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2018-07-155
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2018-07-085
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2018-07-065
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2018-07-015
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2018-06-295
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2018-06-245
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2018-06-225
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2018-06-175
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2018-06-155
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2018-06-105
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2018-06-085
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2018-06-035
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2018-06-015
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2018-05-115
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST2018-05-065
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST2018-05-045
    GG - Sunday2017-12-175
    GG - Friday 2017-12-155
    GG - Sunday2017-12-105
    GG - Friday 2017-12-085
    GG - Friday 2017-09-015
    GG - Sunday2017-08-275
    GG - Sunday2017-08-135
    GG - Friday 2017-08-115
    GG - Sunday2017-08-065
    GG - Friday 2017-08-045
    GG - Sunday2017-07-305
    GG - Friday 2017-07-285
    GG - Friday 2017-07-215
    GG - Sunday2017-07-165
    GG - Friday 2017-07-145
    GG - Sunday2017-07-095
    GG - Friday 2017-07-075
    GG - Sunday2017-05-285
    GG - Friday 2017-05-265
    GG - Sunday2017-05-215
    GG - Sunday - Mothersday2017-05-145
    GG - Friday 2017-05-125
    GG - Sunday2017-04-305
    GG - Sunday2017-04-235
    GG - Friday 2017-04-215
    GG - Sunday2017-04-165
    GG - Sunday2017-04-095
    GG - Friday 2017-04-075
    GG - Friday 2017-03-315
    GG - Sunday2017-03-195

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    Attendance By Event

    Event Name Percentage
    20+ City Task A Bold Confrontation (1) 0/0 (0%)
    Faydark - Wednesday 0/0 (0%)
    GG-Friday 0/0 (0%)
    GG-Sunday 0/0 (0%)


    Date Amount Reason Earned Spent Total
    2017-10-29 19:00:315Friday 10/27 raid5.000.000.00
    2017-10-22 16:55:085No Show5.000.000.00

    No FB Yes FB Hand (smaller) Lap 40.063em Desk 64.063em Wall 90.063em