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    Current DKP - Grenricks Raid Pool

    Earned Spent Total Last Raid Last 30 Last 60
    1,367.001,173.00194.002021-01-102/3 (67%)5/6 (83%)

    Item History

    Item Spent Date Raid Name Event
    [Ancient Burrower Beast Woven Cuffs]252021-01-10GG-Sunday Noon, PST GG-Sunday
    [Bloody Siege Ring]252020-10-23GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST GG-Friday
    [Icon of the Overfiend]152020-09-20GG-Sunday Noon, PST GG-Sunday
    [Xerin's Bestiary]12020-08-30GG-Sunday Noon, PST GG-Sunday
    [Magnetic Bracelet of Grul Baku]252020-08-02GG-Sunday Noon, PST GG-Sunday
    [Shadowmark Cowl of Destruction]12020-07-03GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST GG-Friday
    [Shadowmarkwalled Gi of Evation]252020-06-19GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST GG-Friday
    [Asundri Shadowed Antique]12020-06-07GG-Sunday Noon, PST GG-Sunday
    [Collar of the Bound One]12020-06-05GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST GG-Friday
    [Shadowmark Pants of the Deathless]62020-05-31GG-Sunday Noon, PST GG-Sunday
    [Shadowmark Sleeves of Destruction]12020-05-29GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST GG-Friday
    [Obscura-weave Shoes of Destruction]252020-05-24GG-Sunday Noon, PST 20+ City Task A Bold Confrontation (1)
    [Shadowweaver's Clwl of the Detahless]202020-05-03GG-Sunday Noon, PST GG-Sunday
    [Ascension of Love]12020-04-29GG-Wednesday 6:00 PM PSTFaydark - Wednesday
    [Empyral Rune of Expedience]12020-04-26GG-Sunday Noon, PST GG-Sunday
    [Empyral Rune: Symphony of the Void] 12020-04-26GG-Sunday Noon, PST GG-Sunday
    [Amulet of the Tegi Chieftain]12020-04-26GG-Sunday Noon, PST GG-Sunday
    [Ancient Akhevan Tablet]12020-04-24GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST GG-Friday
    [red adornment]12020-04-22GG-Wednesday 6:00 PM PSTFaydark - Wednesday
    [Shrieking Wand]62020-04-19GG-Sunday Noon, PST GG-Sunday
    [Empyral Rune: Firmament of Passion]12020-04-15GG-Wednesday 6:00 PM PSTFaydark - Wednesday
    [sword]172020-04-05GG-Sunday Noon, PST GG-Sunday
    [Chest, Mage]252020-04-05GG-Sunday Noon, PST GG-Sunday
    [Boots, Mage]152020-04-03GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST GG-Friday
    [Boots, Mage]32020-03-29GG-Sunday Noon, PST GG-Sunday
    [Spire Lord's Ire]32020-03-13GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST GG-Friday
    [Mektaelnik, the Aggressor]252020-03-01GG-Sunday Noon, PST GG-Sunday
    [Mage Gloves]252020-02-28GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST GG-Friday
    [Tegi Vertebrae Bracelet]12020-02-16GG-Sunday Noon, PST GG-Sunday
    [Ascension of Magic]12020-02-16GG-Sunday Noon, PST GG-Sunday
    [Wand of the Bog]252020-02-09GG-Sunday Noon, PST GG-Sunday
    [Glowing Stonegrabber's Lantern]12020-02-07GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST GG-Friday
    [Shadowbolt Hood Pattern of the Deathless]52020-01-26GG-Sunday Noon, PST GG-Sunday
    [Hemolymphic Shourd]12020-01-24GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST GG-Friday
    [Empryal Rune: Ascension of Destruction]252020-01-19GG-Sunday Noon, PST GG-Sunday
    [Empyral Rune: Firmament of Pow4er]32020-01-17GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST GG-Friday
    [Hemymphic Gloves]12020-01-05GG-Sunday Noon, PST Level 120 Required GG-Sunday
    [Coirnav's Scaled Belt]252019-10-27GG-Sunday Noon, PST GG-Sunday
    [Faal'Armanna's Aery Band]32019-10-20GG-Sunday Noon, PST GG-Sunday
    [Fennin Ro's Broken Horn]52019-10-18GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST GG-Friday
    [FaalArmanna's Aery Cloak]12019-10-18GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST GG-Friday
    [Fennin Ro's Contained Rage]252019-10-13GG-Sunday Noon, PSTGG-Sunday
    [7th Necklace of Justice]252019-09-20GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST GG-Friday
    [Heartstone Gloves]12019-09-06GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 20+ City Task A Bold Confrontation (1)
    [CD armor Voucher: Enlightened hearstone boots]12019-08-25GG-Sunday Noon, PST 20+ City Task A Bold Confrontation (1)
    [CD Armor Voucher: Destructive Heartstone ]12019-08-25GG-Sunday Noon, PST 20+ City Task A Bold Confrontation (1)
    [Vegerogus' Trinkets of the Earthen Titan]252019-08-18GG-Sunday Noon, PST GG-Sunday
    [The Stone Core]52019-08-16GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST GG-Friday
    [Faal'Armanna's Aeary Wand]12019-08-11GG-Sunday Noon, PST GG-Sunday
    [Deathless Gimmerstone Shoulder Pattern]252019-08-09GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST GG-Friday
    [Deathless Glimmerstone Helm Pattern]12019-08-04GG-Sunday Noon, PST GG-Sunday
    [Pending Judgement Earring]112019-07-28GG-Sunday Noon, PST 20+ City Task A Bold Confrontation (1)
    [Deathless Glimmerstone Bracer Pattern]12019-07-26GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 20+ City Task A Bold Confrontation (1)
    [Celestial Rune: Ascension of Magic]12019-07-26GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 20+ City Task A Bold Confrontation (1)
    [Deathless Stoneshaped Bracer Pattern]12019-07-21GG-Sunday Noon, PST 20+ City Task A Bold Confrontation (1)
    [Deathless Glimmerstone Boot Pattern]52019-07-19GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 20+ City Task A Bold Confrontation (1)
    [CD Armor: Glove]12019-07-14GG-Sunday Noon, PST GG-Sunday
    [Destructive Stoneshapped Boot Pattern]152019-07-12GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST GG-Friday
    [Deathless Shoulders]22019-07-07GG-Sunday Noon, PST GG-Sunday
    [Xegony's Emerald Gemstone Necklace]52019-07-07GG-Sunday Noon, PST GG-Sunday
    [Celestial Rune: Illuminated Bonds]22019-07-05GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST GG-Friday
    [Cape of Divine Judgement]12019-06-21GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST GG-Friday
    [CD Armor: Chest]252019-06-02GG-Sunday Noon, PST GG-Sunday
    [CD Amror: Chest]12019-05-31GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST GG-Friday
    [Deathless Stonewalkers Glove Pattern]12019-05-31GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST GG-Friday
    [Enlightened Stonewalker's Chest Pattern]52019-05-24GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST GG-Friday
    [Signet of the Innocent]252019-05-24GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST GG-Friday
    [Krziik's Calcified Bone Bracelet]172019-05-12GG-Sunday Noon, PST GG-Sunday
    [Celestial Rune: Passion of Firmament]22019-05-12GG-Sunday Noon, PST GG-Sunday
    [Illegible Scroll: Levinbot]22019-04-28GG-Sunday Noon, PST GG-Sunday
    [Belt of the Mighty Megmaton]72019-04-28GG-Sunday Noon, PST GG-Sunday
    [Dhara, Colussus of Earth]22019-04-07GG-Sunday Noon, PST GG-Sunday
    [wrist]12019-04-07GG-Sunday Noon, PST GG-Sunday
    [gloves]12019-04-07GG-Sunday Noon, PST GG-Sunday
    [Enlightened Earthwalker's Boot Pattern]12019-03-31GG-Sunday Noon, PST GG-Sunday
    [Zephyrus, Colossus of Wind] 252019-03-31GG-Sunday Noon, PST GG-Sunday
    [Destructive Earthwalker's Helm Pattern]12019-03-29GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST GG-Friday
    [Celestria Rune: Foundation of Ruin]12019-03-24GG-Sunday Noon, PST GG-Sunday
    [Destructive Earthwalker's Helm Pattern]52019-03-17GG-Sunday Noon, PST GG-Sunday
    [Celestrial Rune: Trained to Battler]12019-03-17GG-Sunday Noon, PST GG-Sunday
    [Masterful Golden Wand]22019-03-17GG-Sunday Noon, PST GG-Sunday
    [Destructive Earthwalker's Oant PAttern]252019-03-15GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST GG-Friday
    [Fathomlurker Bone Wristlet]12019-03-10GG-Sunday Noon, PST GG-Sunday
    [Destructive Earthwalker's Bracer PAttern]12019-03-10GG-Sunday Noon, PST GG-Sunday
    [Enlightened Earthwalker's Shoulder Pattern]12019-03-03GG-Sunday Noon, PST GG-Sunday
    [Spiritstone of the Mud King]252019-03-03GG-Sunday Noon, PST GG-Sunday
    [Derugoak's Onyx Bracelet]12019-03-03GG-Sunday Noon, PST GG-Sunday
    [Magmaton's Ruby Ring]12019-03-01GG-Friday 6:30 PM PSTGG-Friday
    [Aery Shroud of the Cursed]12019-03-01GG-Friday 6:30 PM PSTGG-Friday
    [Llyr, Colossum of Water]252019-02-22GG-Friday 6:30 PM PSTGG-Friday
    [Destructive Mudwalker's Helm Pattern]252019-02-17GG-Sunday Noon, PST GG-Sunday
    [Enlightened Mudwalker's Bracer Pattern]252019-02-15GG-Friday 6:30 PM PSTGG-Friday
    [Destructive Mudwalker's Shoulder Pattern]252019-02-10GG-Sunday Noon, PST GG-Sunday
    [Jaggedtooth's Eye]12019-02-10GG-Sunday Noon, PST GG-Sunday
    [Celestial Rune: Firmament of Power]12019-02-08GG-Friday 6:30 PM PSTGG-Friday
    [CelestialRune: Foundation of Thought]12019-02-01GG-Friday 6:30 PM PSTGG-Friday
    [Fiery Crest of the Arch Mage]152019-01-27GG-Sunday Noon, PST GG-Sunday
    [Destructive Mudwalker's Pant Pattern]252019-01-25GG-Friday 6:30 PM PSTGG-Friday
    [Adamant Defiance ] 12019-01-20GG-Sunday Noon, PST 20+ City Task A Bold Confrontation (1)
    [Celestial Rune: Trained to Battle]12019-01-18GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST20+ City Task A Bold Confrontation (1)
    [Woven Nature Earring]222019-01-18GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST20+ City Task A Bold Confrontation (1)
    [Azure Belt of the Oceanlord]12019-01-13GG-Sunday Noon, PST GG-Sunday
    [Celestial Rune: Untapped Potential]12019-01-13GG-Sunday Noon, PST GG-Sunday
    [Celestial Rune: Firmament of Passion] 252019-01-04GG - Friday GG-Friday
    [Foundation of Excitement] 102018-10-26GG-FridayGG-Friday
    [Stromtalon Belt of Torden]12018-10-07GG SundayGG-Sunday
    [Fabled Wrist of Sharpened Blades]12018-09-30GG SundayGG-Sunday
    [Condensed Wisdom of Planar Armor: Helm]12018-09-09GG-Sunday Noon, PST 20+ City Task A Bold Confrontation (1)
    [Condensed Wisdom of Planar Armor: Feet]52018-09-09GG-Sunday Noon, PST 20+ City Task A Bold Confrontation (1)
    [Condensed Wisdom of Planar Armor: Hands]32018-09-02GG-Sunday Noon, PST GG-Sunday
    [Condensed Wisdom of Planar Armor: Shoulders]12018-09-02GG-Sunday Noon, PST GG-Sunday
    [Fabled Cruel Trinket of Treachery]202018-08-10GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST GG-Friday
    [Wand of Tears]12018-08-05GG-Sunday Noon, PST GG-Sunday
    [Condensed Wisdom of Planar Armor: Forearms]252018-08-03GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST GG-Friday
    [Ascension of Life] 12018-07-29GG-Sunday Noon, PST GG-Sunday
    [Ring of Rage] 252018-07-22GG-Sunday Noon, PST 20+ City Task A Bold Confrontation (1)
    [Crystallized Knowledge of Planar Armor: Shoulders]252018-06-22GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST GG-Friday
    [Corpulus Amulet]62018-06-01GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST GG-Friday
    [Ascension of Destruction] 32018-05-25GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST GG-Friday
    [Scintillating Foot Coverings]12018-05-04GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST20+ City Task A Bold Confrontation (1)
    [Sourced Hoops]252018-04-29GG-SundayGG-Sunday
    [Ferris' Gem of Blaze]62018-04-13GG-FridayGG-Friday
    [Prototype Hand Coverings]22018-04-06GG-FridayGG-Friday
    [Icestorm's Earring of Frost]32018-03-30GG-FridayGG-Friday
    [Crystallized Knowledge of Planar Armor: Head]252018-03-23GG-FridayGG-Friday
    [Thangbrand's Favorite Toy]12018-03-23GG-FridayGG-Friday
    [Shiny Metal Fingerwrap]12018-03-11GG-SundayGG-Sunday
    [Torn Shred of an Elemental Cloak]112018-03-09GG-FridayGG-Friday
    [Cloak of the Cloakwork Hero V21]12018-02-25GG-SundayGG-Sunday
    [Inoculated Leg Coverings]62018-02-18GG-SundayGG-Sunday
    [Ripped Shred of a Planar Sash]52018-02-16GG-FridayGG-Friday
    [Firelord Ribeye Steak]52018-02-11GG-SundayGG-Friday
    [Inoculated Head Coverings]12018-02-09GG-FridayGG-Friday
    [Adamant Resolve] 12018-02-02GG-FridayGG-Friday
    [Scintillating Foot Coverings]252018-01-28GG-Sunday20+ City Task A Bold Confrontation (1)
    [Innovative Harnessed Energy Wand]22018-01-26GG-FridayGG-Friday

    Raid History

    Raid Name Raid Date Earned
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2021-01-105
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST2021-01-035
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2020-12-065
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2020-12-045
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2020-11-205
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST Beta test or shards2020-11-155
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST2020-11-135
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2020-11-085
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2020-10-235
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2020-10-185
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2020-10-165
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2020-10-115
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2020-10-095
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2020-10-025
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2020-09-275
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2020-09-255
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2020-09-205
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2020-09-185
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2020-09-135
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2020-09-115
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2020-09-065
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2020-09-045
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2020-08-305
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2020-08-285
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2020-08-235
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2020-08-215
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2020-08-165
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2020-08-145
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2020-08-095
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2020-08-075
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2020-08-025
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2020-07-315
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2020-07-265
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2020-07-245
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2020-07-195
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2020-07-175
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2020-07-125
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2020-07-105
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2020-07-055
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2020-07-035
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2020-06-285
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2020-06-265
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2020-06-215
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2020-06-195
    GG-Wednesday 6:00 PM PST2020-06-175
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2020-06-145
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2020-06-125
    GG-Wednesday 6:00 PM PST2020-06-105
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2020-06-075
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2020-06-055
    GG-Wednesday 6:00 PM PST2020-06-035
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2020-05-315
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2020-05-295
    GG-Wednesday 6:00 PM PST2020-05-275
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2020-05-245
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2020-05-225
    GG-Wednesday 6:00 PM PST2020-05-205
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2020-05-175
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2020-05-155
    GG-Wednesday 6:00 PM PST2020-05-135
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2020-05-105
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2020-05-085
    GG-Wednesday 6:00 PM PST2020-05-065
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2020-05-035
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2020-05-015
    GG-Wednesday 6:00 PM PST2020-04-295
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2020-04-265
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2020-04-245
    GG-Wednesday 6:00 PM PST2020-04-225
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2020-04-195
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2020-04-175
    GG-Wednesday 6:00 PM PST2020-04-155
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2020-04-125
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2020-04-105
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2020-04-055
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2020-04-035
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2020-03-295
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2020-03-275
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2020-03-225
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2020-03-205
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2020-03-155
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2020-03-135
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2020-03-085
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2020-03-065
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2020-03-015
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2020-02-285
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2020-02-235
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2020-02-215
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2020-02-165
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2020-02-145
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2020-02-095
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2020-02-075
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2020-01-315
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2020-01-265
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2020-01-245
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2020-01-195
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2020-01-175
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2020-01-125
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2020-01-105
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST Level 120 Required 2020-01-055
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST Level 120 Required 2020-01-035
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST Meeting2019-12-155
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST Meeting/Group Run? 2019-12-085
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST Quick Meeting 2019-11-225
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2019-11-105
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST Talk about Blood of Luclin 2019-11-085
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2019-11-035
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2019-11-015
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2019-10-275
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2019-10-255
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2019-10-205
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2019-10-185
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST2019-10-135
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2019-10-065
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2019-10-045
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2019-09-295
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2019-09-275
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2019-09-225
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2019-09-205
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2019-09-155
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2019-09-135
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2019-09-085
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2019-09-065
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2019-08-305
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2019-08-255
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2019-08-235
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2019-08-185
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2019-08-165
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2019-08-115
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2019-08-095
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2019-08-045
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2019-08-025
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2019-07-285
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2019-07-265
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2019-07-215
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2019-07-195
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2019-07-145
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2019-07-125
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2019-07-075
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2019-07-055
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2019-06-305
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2019-06-285
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2019-06-235
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2019-06-215
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2019-06-165
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2019-06-145
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2019-06-095
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2019-06-075
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2019-06-025
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2019-05-315
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2019-05-265
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2019-05-245
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2019-05-195
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2019-05-175
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2019-05-125
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2019-05-105
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2019-05-055
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2019-05-035
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2019-04-285
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2019-04-265
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2019-04-075
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2019-04-055
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2019-03-315
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2019-03-295
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2019-03-245
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2019-03-225
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2019-03-175
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2019-03-155
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2019-03-105
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2019-03-035
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST2019-03-015
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST2019-02-225
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2019-02-175
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST2019-02-155
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2019-02-105
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST2019-02-085
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST2019-02-015
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2019-01-275
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST2019-01-255
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2019-01-205
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST2019-01-185
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2019-01-135
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST2019-01-115
    GG - Sunday2019-01-065
    GG - Friday 2019-01-045
    GG - Sunday2018-12-165
    GG - Friday 2018-12-145
    GG - Sunday2018-12-095
    GG - Friday 2018-12-075
    GG - Sunday2018-12-025
    GG-Friday 2018-11-305
    GG-Sunday (Talk/Heroic)2018-11-185
    GG-Friday 2018-10-195
    GG Sunday2018-10-145
    GG Friday2018-10-125
    GG Sunday2018-10-075
    GG Friday2018-10-055
    GG Sunday2018-09-305
    GG Friday2018-09-285
    GG Sunday2018-09-235
    GG Friday2018-09-215
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2018-09-165
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2018-09-145
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2018-09-095
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2018-09-025
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2018-08-315
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2018-08-245
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2018-08-175
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2018-08-125
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2018-08-105
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2018-08-055
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2018-08-035
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2018-07-295
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2018-07-275
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2018-07-225
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2018-07-205
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2018-07-155
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2018-07-085
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2018-07-065
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2018-07-015
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2018-06-295
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2018-06-245
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2018-06-225
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2018-06-155
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2018-06-105
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2018-06-085
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2018-06-035
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2018-06-015
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2018-05-255
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST 2018-05-205
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2018-05-185
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST 2018-05-115
    GG-Sunday Noon, PST2018-05-065
    GG-Friday 6:30 PM PST2018-05-045
    Trak Update2018-04-115

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    Attendance By Event

    Event Name Percentage
    20+ City Task A Bold Confrontation (1) 0/0 (0%)
    Faydark - Wednesday 0/0 (0%)
    GG-Friday 0/0 (0%)
    GG-Saturday 0/0 (0%)
    GG-Sunday 0/0 (0%)


    Date Amount Reason Earned Spent Total
    2018-01-28 17:04:352left early2.000.000.00

    No FB Yes FB Hand (smaller) Lap 40.063em Desk 64.063em Wall 90.063em